Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday and Ginger Comes Home

Ginger and Nathan will be back tonight. That will be  around 10:00 PM though.

Scott is home sick with my cold. He called in sick. He is pretty miserable. I believe in "feed a cold and starve a fever" and so I fixed him some ham and eggs for breakfast and some hot tea with honey and he is drinking lots of water. He will just lay around today and see if the cold breaks. Mine is on the mend but I still have the cough. I slept well last night. I took a couple of  Zeequil capsules.

I called Cox last night and they walked me through fixing my e-mail so I can now "send" as well as "receive" e-mail. I got to bed about 10:00.

This morning Scott texted me that he was sick with a terrible cold and he had called in sick. It's the same one I've been fighting ever since I came....blast that minister who sat next to me on the plane to Charlotte last Tuesday a week ago. I caught his terrible cold and now Scott has it. I am on the mend after a week and three days but his is just starting. I warned him not to kiss Ginger when she comes in or she will get it too.

More later....

Scott lay around and napped off and on most of the day. About 3:30 he got to feeling a little better and we walked around the community for awhile. He almost overdid it though. We got back about 4:30 and he got some of the Low Country Boil out that Von brought us yesterday, and put it in the microwave. He is eating that for supper. He is feeling a little better this evening.

I don't know what I will eat. I had a cheese sandwich and hot tea for lunch. I'm really not hungry yet.

I am feeling better but I've had the cold for a week.

Maybe more later....

I had some ham and potato salad for supper and watched Gettysburg  with Scott until Ginger and Nathan got home.  Then we turned it of and visited. They had had an exhausting flight and wanted to tell us about it.

About 9:30, I went to take a shower  and washed my hair. It was disgusting. Then after dryer it, I went to bed. I did take Zeequil and it worked.

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