Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday and The Ohio State Football Game

Tonight we will watch the football game between Ohio State and Clemson.  Ginger is a huge Ohio State  fan. She played basketball for them when she was in college. Nathan and his girlfriend will come back for that event. We will have chicken wings and perhaps pizza while we watch the game.

I feel a lot better this morning. I still have the cough but that may take awhile to go away. Coughs usually do. I slept well because of the Zeequil, I guess. I have had my Granola and my coffee. I have also emptied the dishwasher and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am now having my tea and honey. Scott just came in so I fixed him some ham and eggs and toast for breakfast. He is much better this morning too. Not as well as I am but much better then yesterday.

Ginger is sleeping in this morning. She was very tired when they got home. Nathan stayed the night too. He will go home today to get his girlfriend and they will come back for the game and stay the night tonight.  

More later...

Nathan went home to get his girl friend.  He will be back this afternoon.

O.K. Ginger and I have been talking while Scott went to get his haircut. Now he is back. Ginger is going to work out awhile while I work on my blog and Scott is cleaning out the fireplace to build a new fire in it later on this afternoon.

I gave Ginger the 30 minute story of my life while Scott was gone. We traded ideas on the political situation. Ginger is really a nice person. I am very fond of her.

Now she is out on the drive working out. Scott is working around the house.  Soon we will go to the market when Ginger is finished and maybe get something to fix for lunch. It's almost 11:00 now.

More even later. 

Scott and Ginger went to the market. I was busy working on my classmate list to get ready to send off the other letters by snail mail when I get home and eating a sandwich for lunch so I stayed here.

Nathan and his girl friend came later in the afternoon and they all watched a football game to see who Ohio State would play tonight. It turned out to be Clemson.

The evening came by quickly and we watched the Ohio State/Clemson football game. Ohio State has a basically freshmen team and they made a lot of mistakes and never were able to make any score. Clemson won big. Before the end, Scott's cold kicked in again and he took some meds and went to bed.

I stayed up with Ginger and watched until the end. We all had plenty of snacks. I had a small pizza which I was unable to eat by myself. Luckily pizza warms up nicely in the microwave and I will have some more of it this noon.

I went to bed at 11:00.  I took two Zeequil capsules and slept like a baby.

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