Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday and A Worse Cold

I slept really poorly last night. I went to bed at 9:00 and woke up at 12:30 so stopped up I couldn't breathe. I got up to clear my head and almost never got back to sleep. Then I coughed for an hour before finally getting back to sleep. I am really dead headed this morning. I set my alarm to wake Scott up at 5:00, like he asked, but when it went off and I crawled out of my warm bed and went to call him, I found he was already up. I won't do much this morning unless I get to feeling better. Breakfast may help and coffee may help too.

I see he didn't forget to take his lunch. That's good.

Eddy spent the night outside. He scratched on one of their expensive chairs and Scott made him go outside...not that he knows why he spent the night outside. He is, after all, a cat.

Sometime this afternoon I will fix the potato and ham casserole for our supper this evening. Yesterday I cut the rind off all the leftover ham from Christmas dinner, left some in bigger pieces and cut the rest up into small pieces for this casserole.

Their soon-to-be-next door neighbor friends sent over some Cajun food last night. We will save it for tomorrow when Ginger and Nathan will return. They can help us eat it. There's a lot of it. I had Scott put it in the frig instead of the freezer.

Leslie texted me yesterday to tell me that I will get back on Wednesday the 4th of January just in time for an arctic cold front to move into Kansas. She said to enjoy the mild weather while I could.  I hope it holds off until she can pick me up at the airport in Tulsa.

Now I'll go and get myself ready for the day.  More later....

I am dressed now and made up and ready for the day.  I will just read my Kindle for awhile. I don't feel just real good.  I will be glad to get home on Wednesday and get my hair cut, colored and done. It has looked tragic all the time I have been here. It needed to be done before I left but Kathy was off for the holiday. I have an early morning appointment on the Thursday after I get home on next Wednesday.  I will wash it again myself tonight.

It's 65 degrees here at 8:30. It is partly sunny but pretty gloomy right now. If it warms up I will sit out on the porch and read.

At  9:35 it's still chilly (in the 60's) and overcast. So far, there have only been two days of sunshine since I've been here. I have been here a week and one day.

More later..

It is 73 now. at 11:32 and mostly sunny. Maybe it will warm up enough that I can sit outside again. My Kindle is charging. I am eating the remaining potato soup.

More even later...

Scott came home about  1:00 and was hungry. I started our casserole dish and got it in the oven about 2:30. It was to bake until 3:30 at 375 degrees. When it finished and the oven was cooling down, we were watching the movie "Lincoln" and suddenly a huge wind came up and blew the tarp off Scott's grill. I saw it from the kitchen window and shouted at him to gp get it before it went into the river. He ran out to find it and secure it again and suddenly the wind picked up even harder and blew the tarp off the table and chairs on the patio. That tarp took to the air. I shouted at Scott but with the sound of the wind, he could not hear me. I was in my stocking feet but I opened the sliding door and ran to catch it. I ran about half a block to that church two doors down and finally caught up with it. I had run through dirt and sand in my stocking feet and my feet were soaked, but I had that tarp. I brought it back and Scott had secured that tarp on the grill with rocks from the walk and gone to get all the beach towels they had. We wiped down the table top and I came back with the tarp and the tie downs and he and I tied the tarp back on the table and chairs. He crawled under the table and dried off the chairs too.

The wind finally died down and we tossed all our towels and my socks and jeans in the dryer. What an experience!

Then Scott went to get the mail. In the mail, we received two DVDs from KOAM-TV out of Pittsburg, Kansas. They taped an interview with my Bob and Carol and Paul Fairbank after they got back from 9-11 in 2001. Bob's was the primary interview.  They sent us two DVDs of that short interview at the Red Cross Office in Coffeyville.  Scott is trying to save that DVD interview to his mass storage drive.  So far, he has not been successful.

He was able to put it on facebook and that gave the other kids and others access to it! Wonderful!

We were going to e-mail it to Keith to make copies for Leslie and himself.  Scott also wrote the news director at KOAM-TV to see if they might have the copy of the video they made of the church service at our church. They came to that service and set up their cameras and taped the part of the service where he talked about his 9-11 experience.


Scott Miller said...

4 January mom. U get back the 4th.

Scott Miller said...

Maybe u will beat the storm

Margie's Musings said...

That's a possiblilty.