Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday After Christmas

I slept really well last night. It had been big day. We stayed up after the movie and visited and kind of watched TV until 9:00 and then all went on to bed. Ginger gave me another packet of those NyQuil capsules and I slept through the night. They keep my cough down. I am still fighting off the cold I was exposed to on the plane on my way down here. When I finally woke up this morning it was almost 5:00.

It's nearly 7:00 now. I'm the only one up. Ginger is on call. Scott has the day off.  Ginger will leave tomorrow to go to Ohio for her grandmother's funeral. She will take Nathan with her. He will come back down here so they can both take off at the Jacksonville airport. Scott will take them to the airport. Then they will return on Friday.

I've had my cereal and my meds for the day. Yesterday was an exhausting day. I guess it's my mileage and perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. They gave me some great lotion and candle gifts. Ginger will send them to me after she gets back. They would never make it through security.

This morning after everyone gets around, we will go to the market.  I need a thing or two.  Then I will try to get back to my book on the Kindle. Scott watches non stop TV.......CNN most of the time and movies some of the time. It's exhausting to me. I need to read and sit out in the sunshine some of the time.

Scott mowed day before yesterday and trimmed. The yard really looks good. I swept out their garage. That was needed too. It gave me something productive to do while I am here besides loading and unloading the dishwasher and peeling potatoes.

More later...

I read my Kindle until the kids were ready to leave. Then we went to Fernandina Beach for lunch and we stopped at Walmart there for me to do my little bit of shopping. I had tomato bisque soup. Ginger had a salad and a pizza. Scott had a hamburger and french fries. It was all yummy. Then we went back out to Amelia island so the kids could go looking for the place on the beach called Driftwood. There they both bought a small Bluetooth speaker they could put out by the pool and listen to their music.

I will make some potato soup after Ginger is gone tomorrow. That will be good for Scott and me to have for supper.

More even later...

Ginger rented the movie, Florence", this evening and she and I watched it. It was very good.  I had wanted to rent it from V&S Variety in Coffeyville but it was not out yet.

Scott and Ginger have walked down to the mailbox to check the mail. I am staying here to watch CNN news and wait for Nathan to come. He and his mother will fly out tomorrow. It's only 6:10 right now and I will not take my bath until 8:30 or so.

It's 9:00 now and I am really tired so I will go on to bed. Nathan still has not arrived.

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