Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday and Ginger and Nathan Leave

I assume Nathan, Ginger's son, did finally get in last night. I heard Scott get up and leave this morning but was very tired and did not get up to see him off to work. I am still fighting off this cold. Now I'm hoarse. Ginger is finally up. Nathan is not up yet. It must have been very late when he came in. It's only 6:40 now.

I have been up about 45 minutes. I've made my bed and dressed. I don't exactly know what I will do today here at the house alone. I will watch TV some to get the news and then read my Kindle. If the weather is nice I may take a walk.

More later...

Nathan got up and got around.  Ginger took him out for breakfast. Then they were going on to the airport.

It's raining today. I have put the laundry in to wash and folded the laundry Ginger did last night. I don't know where everything goes so I have just left it folded on top of the counter in the laundry room. When Scott comes home this afternoon, he will know where everything goes.

I've texted Bob Avery and he slept late this morning...which is good. He said Missy's treats would be late this morning. That will be fine. She can wait. He says she is adjusting to the new routine.  That's good too.

More later....

I've made some potato soup from the last six potatoes left from Christmas dinner. That's what I will have for lunch. There may be some cheese too.

I watched "A Few Good Men" for the nth time. That was fine. 

More even later...

I've had  my potato soup with some pretzels and cheese and it was good.

Then I got the covered box Ginger showed me to put the Christmas decorations in and took them off the tree and took the tree out to Nathan's truck. He will take it home on Friday and build a bonfire with it. I swept the needles off the walk and dumped the water out of the tree stand. Then I swept off the drive.

Now I see Scott is home. so....more even later...

Scott ate some of my potato soup with some crackers he brought home with some cheese.

Then we watched "The Accountant". It was pretty good though violent. It's 4:25 now. Keith called awhile ago and we visited for awhile.  Then the tax appraisal guy came and he measured the outside of the house.

Ginger and Nathan are in Ohio for the funeral. The funeral is tomorrow according to Scott. Then Ginger and Nathan fly back on Friday.

Scott and I watched a couple of movies this evening. One was the original "True Grit" with John Wayne. The old movies were so much more entertaining without terrible violence.

Scott went to bed at 7:00. He gets up around 5:00 AM. I will try to stay up until 9:00. I usually sleep better if I stay up a little later.

Tomorrow I will do my laundry. I did Nathan's today.

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