Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday and Anticipating an Ice Storm

In about an hour we will see if we actually get the freezing rain.

I slept fairly well last night considering the cut on my finger. Luckily it's on my left hand. I have left the band aid on it. It bled so profusely last night I hesitate to disturb it.

I have nothing planned for the day but exercise class and then only if we miss the freezing rain. I still have my new book to read if we do get it.

I guess I'll get ready for the day and get back to this later...after breakfast.

So, more later....

I don't believe the freezing rain has started yet. It's still dark out so I am not sure.

I have had my breakfast and fed Missy. I am still smarting from my injury from her claw last night. Much as her attack hurt my finger, it hurt my feelings worse.  I have not been friendly with her yet this morning. I know most she doesn't know what is wrong.

I got the crossword puzzle done and it is beginning to get light out. Soon I will be able to see if we are getting the freezing rain.

I got another warning from Avast that I have some problems in my network. One of my e-mails that I considered troubling continues to set it off and I didn't even open the attachment. It is supposedly from Fed X about a problem delivering a package.  I ran smart scan on my virus protection from Avast and it was blocked but evidently not deleted.

More later....

We have had some freezing rain but not a lot so far. Bob came for lunch and I invited Marilyn R. too. She brought cookies to eat with our pudding for dessert. We had a good visit. 

I read all afternoon since the weather was cold and damp.

Bob came back at 5:15 to watch the news here and to watch Brooks and Shields on PBS as they analyze the news.  He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV on the sofa until 9:00 when we went to bed.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I hope you don't get that rain / ice ! My son's in St.Louis and they are expecting it too. He made plans to work from home.

Earlier in the week it was in our forecast but now it seems that it won't hit here.

Margie's Musings said...

I hope you're right. But we are in the path of the storm. We will just have to wait to see. Thanks Deb.