Sunday, January 8, 2017

Saturday and Another Problem

I am a day late with this blog. Saturday was something else. I finally got all the newsletters finished and in the mail. Then Bob came over to check his bank balance and found he was still infected with malware. I started working on that at 10:00 and worked to clean it up all day until evening. It was a mess. I don't know where he picked it up except through his e-mail.

Keith helped me by downloading AVG free program and it worked on getting it cleaned up all day. It finally rebooted his computer sometime last evening and when I tried to boot it up again it would not accept his password. What a mess.(the reason was, I found, that the caps were locked on).  I will send the Dell Scott gave me to Keith as soon as I get some time to send it off and the funds to do that. My car insurance is due this month and I will need to scrape up that money first. He will reformat the hard drive and install Windows 10 again and see if we can get him on a clean computer.

Today is actually Sunday and I will make up the coffeecake to take to the Sunday School class. Also I will take the other book we are studying for another person to use. I hate having to make 5 copies of the pages we are studying, It's "Saving Jesus (from the church)".

Tonight we also have the Living the Questions group at Karan's home. I will pick up Gary at 6:40 to take him. I also need to send out the material.

And tomorrow I will need to bake my cake for Tuesday's dinner at the Independence First Christian Church.  Bob, Karan and Phyllis and I are the only ones still baking cakes unless Sue brings one to church.  

So, more later...

I came into the kitchen and fixed my cereal and Missy's cat food and treat. Then I started my coffeecake for Sunday School. I booted up Bob's notebook again and it started telling me all about the many threats it has detected. I deleted everyone but there must be hundreds on this notebook. I've been in here over an hour and have constantly deleted threats. I don't know if we will ever get this notebook of his clean.

I have brought my laptop in here to work on this blog. I have also written two "thank you" notes. One was to the kids for my vacation the last two weeks. The other was to a classmate who sent me $20.00 for my work on the newsletter.  Then I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. The coffeecake is iced too. I have been busy!

One of our pastor's home burned to the ground day before yesterday. They lost everything but one pickup. Kelly managed to get his out but hers was lost and also her was new. They also lost two motorcycles and all their furniture and everything. I only hope they have a safety deposit box for all their important papers. They have gone to her father's home. He lives alone in a nice home not too far from where their home was located.  Their home is a total loss.  It's terrible. It was only about ten years old.

I will drive to church this morning. My car sets under a carport and Bob's is out in the open where the windows frost over.

More later...

The service went well. We took the guest minister and her husband out to eat at Just Us with us.

After I got home, I worked on Bob's notebook all afternoon and then went to Living the Questions group meeting at Karan's. I got home at 9:00 or so and took my bath and went to bed.

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