Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday and Meeting Myra

Today I will meet Myra for a visit and lunch. It has been awhile since we've met. I will probably leave for Bartlesville about 9:00 AM.  The mall opens at 10:00 and we always like to look around the mall before our lunch. I need to go get some money for the week at the ATM. I get my hair done tomorrow too.

When I get home I will need to  bake and ice my cake for tomorrow.

I slept well last night for a change.  I stayed up after the Living the Questions group and watched the rest of the Superbowl. It was exciting! I did not expect the Patriots to win but they had a great second half and even overtime for the first time in its history.  After Bob went home I took my shower and went to bed. Again, I was very tired.

Bob will be on his own for lunch today.

More later....

I met Myra shortly after 10:00 and we looked around Christopher and Banks and then walked the mall for awhile.  After that we went over to McCalisters and had lunch and had a nice long visit. We had a lot to catch up on.

I am home now at 1:40 and just called Phyllis to tell her I was here. She wants to bring her cake over. She will be here in about 30 minutes. I will get mine in the oven as soon as I get hers. Then I will remind Karan about hers. She may remember. Hopefully Bob will remember too. He seldom forgets his. 

More later...

Karan remembered her cake this time and brought it over when she got it iced. I got mine finished too. I hope it's alright. It appeared my oven was not heating correctly. I hope it was just a fluke. I had to turn it up to get the cake done.

I lay down this afternoon and took a rest/nap.  I'm not sure I went to sleep this time but I did get off my feet..

More even later...

Bob came in about 5:00 and stayed until 6:30. I watched TV after taking my shower until 8:00. Again, I was very tired but hated to go to bed that early. I was afraid I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. But I was so tired!. I went on to bed.

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