Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday and a trip to Joplin

I slept fitfully last night. Finally I started counting my breaths (one two, one two)  and finally fell asleep again. Sometimes that works. It did last night. I got up sometime after 5:00 and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself and watched the weather and the news. Then I worked the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. That's a nearly every day occurrence.  It helps my memory. At least I think it does.

Bob and I will go to Joplin to eat at Olive Garden today. We plan to leave about 10:00. It's an hour and a half drive. After we eat, we will walk their mall. We always like to check out TJ Maxx there. And I like to check out their larger Christopher and Banks women's wear store....not that I need anything.

I checked at the video store for that movie Scott told me about....Hacksaw Ridge... It won't be out on DVD until the 26th of the month.  I will check back after that.

It's 7:30 and I want to wash the kitchen and bathroom floors this morning before we leave so I will get back to this later....

Well, I got the bathroom and kitchen floors washed before I left for Joplin. Then we found that when we got just west of Baxter Springs, there was a big detour. We had to drive north to Columbus, Kansas, and then ten miles further to another road just north of Baxter Springs before we could meet up with 166 again. That was 10 miles north and 10 miles south out of our way and the same thing coming home. 40 extra miles was not what we had planned on. We could have gone to the Owasso, Oklahoma Olive Garden closer. But we did enjoy lunch there.

I was able to find another round table cloth though at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is similar in color to one I already have but has a different pattern. So that is fine. That gives me four 60 inch round table cloths. I will need to find some napkins. I wasn't going to pay $8.95 for two napkins to match the tablecloth. I would have wanted four anyhow. I only paid $19.98 for the tablecloth.

We got back to Coffeyville at about 3:30. Missy was very glad to see me again.

I will eat a cookie and some milk and lay down awhile. I drove in from Edna. Bob was pretty sleepy.

More later...  

I didn't lay down long. The newspaper came and I got up to retrieve it and took Bill's over and put it on the mailbox there.  Then around 5:00, Bob came over to watch the news and we finished off the ice cream.

After he left, I took my shower and got ready for bed. About 8:00 I was completely played out and Missy and I went to bed. 


Betty said...

When you were at TJ Max, did you check out Ivanka Trump's fashions? They might be on sale. LO(L

Margie's Musings said...

Nope...didn't see any!