Thursday, February 23, 2017

Still Thursday

It's still Thursday and I am still dinging around. I did finally go to Country Mart and buy some groceries and Brahm's and buy some milk. . I needed meat and cake pans and coffee cake mixes, juice and frozen corn. So I just bought them at Country Mart. I never buy meat at Walmart. Besides, why drive 6 1/2 miles out there and 6 1/2 miles back for so little. Country Mart is three blocks away.

I got up at 5:00 this morning after a good night's sleep. I want to vacuum again after lunch. Maybe before lunch! When I cleaned out the flower bed yesterday morning I let a lot of leaf parts in onto the dining room carpet. Now I need to vacuum them up and while I am at it, I will vacuum the daybed cover AGAIN. When Missy lies on it, she gets cat hair all over it.

I have the chili all done. I did that yesterday. I just returned from taking all my plastic bags up to Genesis, our program to provide food for the poor. They use lots of plastic bags so I no long toss mine away. I save them for Genesis.

So...later. I'll go vacuum out the car. I just cleaned my floor mats last week and want to keep them clean.

I did vacuum out my car and also the dining room where leaves blew in yesterday as Missy and I came in and out.

Bob came for lunch but first he came early so I could clean his car carpets. I had cleaned my own last week and they came out very nice...almost like new. His came out fine but the driver's side did not come completely clean. It does look better. While I was at it, I cleaned my storm door. It was grimy looking around the edges.

Then I lay down for some rest with Missy. Later Bob came in with milk shakes from Brahms. They were two for the price of one. They were very good. That was my supper. 

I got my new hair blow dryer/curling iron combination in the mail today. I will try it out Saturday night and see if it will work.  My hair always looks terrible for church. The iron is one inch around. That may be too large for my very short hair.  I hope it will work.

He stayed until 6:30. After he left I took my bath. Then I put the towels and washcloths I had cleaned his car with in the laundry with Missy's bathmat that she had got urine on when she almost missed the litter box. They came out pretty well.

He will come over tomorrow  and do a small load of laundry. Their laundry there at Sycamore Landing has only large washers and dryers. He hates to use $1.75 to do a small load so I have him bring those little ones over here and use mine. They can be set on small, medium and large loads and even extra large. 

I will go to exercise class tomorrow morning for the first time in almost six weeks and stay for Barbara's party until I have to leave at 10:30 for Cherryvale to meet Gay for lunch. I will make cookies for that party tomorrow morning.

More later...

About 8:00, Missy and I went to bed. I was very tired. 

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