Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday and Cake and Hairdo Day

I slept well again last night. I got up shortly before 5:00 and got myself ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself breakfast and loaded what cakes I had in my trunk. All I lack is Bob's. He will put his in there when I pick him up.

We will deliver the cakes at the First Christian Church there in Independence at 8:30 or so and then I will go to the shop and Kathy will wash and do my hair. It really looks bad today. The showers just kill my hairdo in about two days. I will be so glad when I can take a bath again. One more week should do it. Today is the 5th week since my surgery.  At 11:00 we will have lunch at Big Cheese.

I need to go to the bank ATM and get some money for the week before I pick up Bob. When I get back from Independence   I also want to deposit Leslie's check for the crocks. She paid me Sunday. Of course, yesterday was President's Day and the banks were closed.

So...more later....

I got Leslie's check deposited and  then Missy and I lay down on the sofa to rest.

Bob came over in the afternoon after I told him Keith had sent his notebook back to us.  Soon Denise came too. Before I notified them though I downloaded the Free Avast for protection and also Mozella Firefox. I will leave the mail configuration to Denise or Dee. Denise doesn't have a connection to the internet anymore so she goes to the Independence library. 

I am going to take a bath this evening instead of a shower. The steam from the shower is ruining my hair plus I don't feel as clean .

Missy and I watched TV after Bob left and after 10:15, Missy and I went on to bed.

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