Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday and Back to the Blog

It was a very busy Wednesday so I never got around to doing this blog. As soon as it got warm enough I went out and began cleaning the leaves out of my flowerbed. I got three large black bags but the flowerbed looks so much better. Now I hope it doesn't freeze. It's only February.  That's still a possibility

Sue and John called us around lunchtime and invited us to eat with them at Long John Silvers. We met them there and John bought our lunch. That was so nice of them!

After lunch I had Bob drop me off at the senior center. I wanted to play games with the senior group. I asked Marilyn R. to bring me home. She lives across the way from me in the same fourplex.  Jeannie, who lives right behind me in the fourplex is moving to Tyro as soon as her son gets the little house next to him finished and ready for her.  Betty, my landlady, is going to rent the apartment to a couple who have a service dog. The woman has Alzheimers. The dog is for her. Initially the woman said they had a pet dog. Betty told them she does not allow pets. So they next time the woman spoke to her it became a "service dog".  So she agreed to rent to her.  If this becomes a problem, I will look for another place with a carport or garage. I simply cannot leave my little Honda out in the weather. I had terrible hail damage on that '93 Camry I had last.

Another problem....she wants to pour concrete over half of the grass in the middle of the fourplex. I do not want concrete between our apartments. It would radiate terrible heat into our apartments.  Our all electric apartments already have terrible electric bills. In January, mine was $255. It's just as bad in summer when we have to cool them.

I had to ask three times to have the leaves mulched. The leaves on on east side were eight inches deep.  She asked three different guys to mulch them and finally got the maintenance man, Kenny, from next door to do it. He did a fair job. But he blew the ones left into the ditch out front. The next time we get a strong north wind, they will be back in the yard. If that happens I will tell him about it and insist he mulch them too.

Incompetence! No one is competent anymore.

Bob came over at 5:15 and we watched the news. He left early and I took my bath and got ready for bed. Missy and I watched "Nature" on PBS. It's her favorite TV program. She is fascinated with the animals. After that was done, she and I went to bed.

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