Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday and a Dental Appointment

Today I have a dental appointment at 9:00. If I hadn't checked my calendar I would have missed it.  So I won't be going to exercise class.

This is the first day of spring and there is a mystery. I am unable to access the home page of my ISP for some reason. I tried on my desktop computer and now I have tried on this laptop. Neither can access carrier.

We will have tuna cakes and boiled potatoes for lunch. Bob will bring a salad. We will have a veggie of some sort. I haven't decided which...probably corn.

This is also the week for cake day at the First Christian church in Independence. So sometime this morning I will bake my cake. Tomorrow morning I will be taking it and three others to Independence for their dinner tomorrow evening.  Then I will stay for my hair appointment. But I will come home for a lunch at Eggberts for the women of the Living the Questions group. Mona, who teaches at the Independence Community College, will be on spring break.  So this is primarily for her. She has a hard life. Her husband has a brain tumor and she has a 16 year old son.  That's a stressful combination.  She needs all the fellowship and support she can get.

More later....

I called Cox and they found the problem. It took awhile but they got it fixed.

My dental appointment was in April so I went on to exercise class. Afterward I baked my cake and also lunch.

 The plumber came out after lunch and fixed the outside faucet. Strange...the split pipe was on the inside...not the outside.  He got it fixed and tested it. He put a new faucet outside. It is plastic. I hope it holds up in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. I'd hate to have to clean up another mess like the one that split pipe caused.

I am having Jeannie's party here at my apartment. I put both leaves in my table so I can seat six there. I only have four chairs but I have four folding chairs too. So we will make do. Merrill and Wayne and Marilyn and I and Jeannie and both the Russells will be here.  That's seven. I also have wooden TV trays. Today I asked Bob too. He knew Jeannie and used to live next door to her. So that makes eight.

I want to see if I can get a pedicure this afternoon. If I can, I can wear sandals tomorrow. 

More later...

I got my pedicure this afternoon so I will be able to wear my sandals. I will wear them to Independence tomorrow. I may wear them Wednesday to Overland Park to the dinner theater.

Bob is doing laundry this evening so he won't be coming over. Missy and I have been laying on the sofa watching TV. I have had my bath and have my pjs on.  I did a load of laundry this evening myself. I have it out of the dryer and folded on top of the dryer. I will put it away in the morning.  I'll go to bed in a hour or so.

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