Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday and a Going Away Party

As you may have guessed, we had a huge day yesterday and I simply could not make myself post last night. We were over an hour late getting in because we made a side trip to Parsons...40 miles away  to pick up just one person. Personally I think that is wrong! All 49 of us were inconvenienced and late  because the tour guide wanted to pick up one more person.

We did have a  great time at the dinner theater though. Karan posted some photos. I posted and copied them and posted them here too. She put the originals on face book. Karan took the photo so she is not in the first picture.

Here's the one with Karan in it.

I don't know why it's red. But that's Karan in the center. Bob is barely in the photo.

Today Marilyn and I are having a going away party for Jeannie. She is moving to Tyro to be near one of her sons and we will miss her. She has been a good neighbor.  I am making my coffeecake and Marilyn is bringing all the paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. I have coffee tea and water to drink. The party is at 2:30 this afternoon. We have invited Wayne, our former landlord, and his son, Merrill, Bob, both the Russells and Marilyn and, of course, Jeannie and myself.  There will be eight. I put both leave sin my table and have a clean tablecloth on it for the occasion. We have bought cards that say how much we will miss her.  I don't know who Betty will get in Jeannie's apartment but I hope she is picky. She has made some pretty poor renter choices since she bought this fourplex and the house across the street. .

Bob and I will have chicken and fried potatoes and carrots and applesauce for lunch. I also have two cupcakes for dessert. I went out to Walmart this morning and bought almost $40.00 worth of groceries.

More's time to start lunch.

O.K. I got lunch finished and it was good. I cleaned up after it too. I also iced the coffee cake.  Now I am resting. In an hour and a half, Jeannie, the Russells. Marilyn and Bob should be here. I understand from Marilyn that Wayne is not feeling well and will not be coming and she doesn't think Merrill will be coming either. So there may be just six of us after all.

Tomorrow from 10:30 till 12:30, I will work at the Red Cross bloodmobile with Karan. So Bob and I and maybe Karan will eat lunch out at El Pueblos afterward. It's been awhile since we've been there. 

So more later...

We had a good time! Wayne was able to come after all. Merrill, his son, was the only one who didn't. He was visiting his grandchildren.

Later Bob came back to watch the news but was having trouble staying awake so he went home at 6:15 or so. I took my bath and put my p.js on and will try to watch TV with Missy until I can't stay awake any longer. 

I guess I will go to exercise class tomorrow. I don't have to be at the Red Cross until 10:30. After I get finished at 12:30, Bob and I will go eat at El Pueblo .


Sister--Three said...

Tell Bob I had no idea he was so good lookin'.

Margie's Musings said...

I will tell him. At 82, he will be pleased.