Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out and a Rummage Sale

I slept really well last night! I wasn't sure that would happen since I went to bed so early again.  But I got up only once in the night. When I finally got up at 5:00, I fed Missy and had a cup of Chai myself. Then I worked the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

Bob and I will each take a car this morning to the rummage sale at the senior center. I have my trunk full but perhaps I could get what he has in my back seat. That would save us having to find parking for another car. I have a lot of odds and ends to get rid of. I hope I don;t have to bring it all back home. If I do, I will stack the two boxes back in the living room closet floor and have my own rummage sale this spring. I have one white table under my bed. I could use it.

He says he only has two boxes.  We may only take my car. And I would like to leave earlier for breakfast. I would like to pick him up at 6:46. We would then have more time for breakfast. We will see what he says. This rummage sale is from 8:00 until 3:00.

More later....

The rummage sale was very slow. That's probably because there was a huge Farm and Home Show going on at the college. Their parking lots were filled to capacity. We had to park across the street in the Prescription Shop parking lot to attend the part of it we saw after we left the rummage sale at noon. We had both sold nearly everything we took.

Bob and I did go take in the Farm and Home Show this afternoon and then stopped at Arby's and had a roast beef sandwich afterward. I took him home to take his nap. Marilyn will call us to come help her with her boxes with whatever she has left at the end of the rummage sale. She has my number and Bob's too.

More later...

She called and Bob and I went up to help her load her leftover stuff but others and had already pitched in to help her.

After I came back home...and with the printer she gave me....I lay with Missy on the sofa and took a short nap.

Bob dropped by to say he was too tired and sleepy to come over to watch TV. I was glad. I took my bath and watched TV until 8:00 when Missy and I went on to bed.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Margie every time I visit you I end up craving food, lol!
Arbys now, ha ha!
Oh my and now I am thinking of their curly fries as well :)

Margie's Musings said...

They were very good, Deb! But I ate way too much!