Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept very well last night. It had been a big day. Missy and I got up about 5:00 AM, I got myself ready for the day and fed her. I had a cup of Chia Latte while I waited for Bob to come pick me up for breakfast.

Marilyn had called me last evening to ask if she could come to breakfast with us. I told her we would be delighted for her company. I called Bob to ask him to pick her up too and after I hung up, Marilyn called me back to say her son had called to say he and his family wanted to come and stay the night with her, So she took a rain check on the breakfast. We will ask her another time.

Missy has taken over my sofa. I noticed she was picking at the sofa pillows with her claws and snagging them.  I moved the pillows to the top of my cedar chest in the bedroom. I have to close the door to my bedroom to keep her out of there. She tends to want to lie on my bed and get cat hair on my coverlet. At night, I put her afghan on the bed and she lies on it. Then every week I run that through my dryer on "fresh air". I wash it now and then too.

More is time for Bob to come pick me up.

Well, we went to breakfast and now I am home again. I don't have a plan for today. I probably could come up with one and may if it does warm up this afternoon. I will rake leaves and bag them again. They are not as bad as in the past but there are still plenty to do.  Also, if it warms up, I will take Missy out for awhile.

So...more later...

I had been doing some cleaning and decided to wash out Missy's litter box. I took it to the outside faucet and washed it all out and dried it with some old towels I had. Then I put it back in the bathroom. When I went back to the kitchen, I noticed there was water all over the kitchen floor.  I got all the towels I had and began mopping it up on my hands and knees. It even ran onto the edge of the dining room indoor/outdoor carpet.  I called Betty, my landlady, and told her about it and she began calling the plumbers. Then I called Bob and asked him if he still had his box of old towels. I had used all three sets of  my good towels and still there was water everywhere.  He brought me his old ones. I mopped with them too. Then he brought me his box fan and I set it up to dry on the wet carpet, the  dishwasher and the range. Now I am washing all those towels. They are now in the dryer.

Betty found a plumber and I showed him where the outside faucet was. I had left my hose connected all winter and it had evidently frozen in the faucet. That faucet connects to my plumbing under the sink. He will come back next week and replace the part that froze and broke in the outside faucet. In the meanwhile, I have the cleanest floor in town. And I had just washed it Thursday.

The towels are all in the dryer now. It will probably take an hour and a half for all of them to dry.

What a mess!
It took twice that long!

Anyhow, I had Bob come over and we went over to Brahms and had an ice cream cone.  That was payment for his trouble!

More later...

I watched TV  with Missy this evening. When I took my shower and went to bed, I discovered my satin pillowcase and pillow was also wet. I threw the pillowcase into the dryer with a dry towel. I felt along the carpet next to me bed and found that the water from the kitchen, under my range, had seeped under the wall  and wet the carpet next to me bed. I brought the fan in the bedroom and set it up to dry that carpet. In the middle of he night I thought about the area behind my nightstand and got up and pulled the nighstand away from the wall...and sure enough, the carpet back there was also wet. I set the fan to blow all along that wall where the range was on the other side.

The satin pillowcase was dry by then so I put it on my other pillow and left the original pillow leaning against the wall to finish drying. 

I didn't get much sleep and will try to get a nap later Sunday afternoon.

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