Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

I slept well again last night and got up shortly before 5:00 AM. I dressed and got ready for the day then checked my bank account and ran Missy's afghans through the dryer on "fresh air". They were full of cat hair. Then I got our breakfasts and I had my coffee. 

Today I will clean the apartment. That's my only plan for today. However I do need to get to the pharmacy and get my meds. I forgot to pick them up yesterday.

I am hoping it warms up again. It's 36 degrees right now. It is supposed to get up to 63 later today and I hope it makes it. Missy really wants to go outside but it can't be freezing cold. She is too old for that.

I have the apartment vacuumed and now I need to dust!  It's 10:00 and in an hour I will need to start warming up the goulash and toasting the garlic bread.  I'd better go get my meds while I am thinking about it. I can dust after lunch.

Marilyn R. and I are planning a party for Jeannie, my next door neighbor in the fourplex. She plans to move at the end of the month. We think the party might be Thursday mid afternoon. Marilyn is checking with Jeannie to be sure she will be home then. Her family has been working at packing her things for a couple of weeks.  We will invite Wayne and Merrill who were our original landlords. They live next door and across the street from Marilyn. They know Jeannie well.  I may get a special cake at the bakery and perhaps even a gift.

After lunch...

Lunch was fine...warmups. But what we had left, I took to Marilyn R.

I cannot dust today. I am just too tired. In about thirty minutes the mail will come. I am anxious to see if I get any mail.

The mail I received was just "junk" mail.

I did hear back for Marilyn and Jeannie agreed to Thursday afternoon for her "goodbye" party. Marilyn and I will bring snacks. I may make my apple brown betty and bring vanilla ice cream. We will discuss snacks at a later time.

I got some rest this afternoon and later, about 5:15, Bob came over to watch the news.  He stayed until 7:00 and watched two old "Big Bank Theory" shows. After he left, I took my bath and lay with Missy on the sofa until 8:00 when both she and I went on to bed.

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