Saturday, April 15, 2017

Breakfast Out on Saturday

This morning I will pick up Bob for breakfast out at Eggberts. I will give them another try at bringing a hot breakfast. Marilyn took a rain check on breakfast. 7:00 is too early for her.

I slept very well again last night and I had a cup of Chai before I went to bed. It evidently did not bother my sleep.

I may go out to Hain's Greenhouse later in the morning to get my geraniums and do my plants in the pots. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and a couple of days after that. I will need to buy Miracle Grow if I do that.  I always plant in Miracle Grow and they do very well.

If I get that done, I will take some photos of them and post them here.

As you can see I got my flowers potted and out front of my apartment.  I hope they will do alright. It's supposed to rain this evening. I wanted to get them done before that happened.

So, more later....

Bob came over this afternoon and told me his cell phone is no longer holding a charge. US Cellular said they no longer stock batteries because they are considered dangerous and might catch fire. They wanted to sell him another flip cell phone for $79.98 plus tax. I had paid 1 cent for that one he is using. They no longer do the 1 cent thing either. We went over to Karan's and asked her if we could have Bobby's since she was no longer needing it. Bob offered to pay for it too.  She just gave it to him. When we went to US Cellular to have them transfer the data from his to Bobby's, I asked if that battery would fit in the phone I had given him...and it did. He is charging it now.  Bobby's had been in a drawer for over a year now.

If he gets hungry this afternoon, I will warm up the leftover spaghetti and garlic bread. I am still full from breakfast.

Bob did come over while I went to wash my car. He was playing free cell when I came in. I warmed up the spaghetti and the garlic toast and made some pistachio pudding for dessert.

After he left to go home, I tried to get Missy to go out and sit with me but she did not like the wind.

It's almost 3:00 now so I will just mess with the computer. I should make cookies but may not get around to it. I am tired. All that planting wore me out.  I should go buy a tomato plant to plant in that big planter Leslie gave me last year.  I have plenty of Miracle Grow.

More later...

I wanted to buy some "Hen and Chicks" but the florist was closed this afternoon. I  did go out and water the new plants. I sure don't want to lose them. I found a place where squirrels must have been digging. The little devils! I don't want them destroying my flower beds.

Bob didn't come over this evening. He was too tired. I will take my bath in a few minutes and lay down with Missy again. I haven't found anything to watch on T.V. this evening.  I may read.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Good luck with your pretty plants and the pesky squirrels. Last year they kept tearing all of my plants out of my big flower pots, and I had to keep replanting them until some of the plants finally died. I love the squirrels, but they had just gotten out of hand with their destruction. I bought some cheap little spring mousetraps and glued pieces of wood to them to keep them from actually snapping down tight and catching a little squirrel foot, but they still would snap and make a noise if they were disturbed. I kept finding them set off for a little while, and real soon the squirrels learned to stay out of my big flower pots.
I took all of the mouse traps out of the planters after a while because the squirrels had learned to leave them alone. Much later on in the summer I was reaching into one of my flower pots to pull out a faded petunia... and "Snap" right on my finger. I had missed one of those mouse traps and it was still lurking waiting to scare a squirrel. Unfortunately, my fingers are a lot bigger than a squirrel's and I got a thwack on my finger. I imagine there was at least one squirrel up in the tree laughing at me that day.

Margie's Musings said...

Funny experience, Susie! I'll bet it wasn't funny to you when that trap sprung though.