Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday and Beginning Flowerbeds

This morning I slept in until 7:00. Amazing! I never do that.

Then I got around and watched the news and finally went out to Walmart again. This time I bought some stones and some flowers there. I never do that. I always get my flowers at a nursery. But I was impatient wanting some flowers in my flowerbed. I just bought salvia and petunias at this time. I got most of them planted before time to  begin lunch. I came in about 10:50 and started lunch...tuna cakes, fried potatoes from leftover boiled potatoes, salad and corn. I had nothing for dessert.

After he left, I went back out and planted the rest of the flowers. I will take some photos just to show my readers what I did. I still need to get some more red mulch to put in the flowerbeds. I may do that first.

I ran the vacuum in the den. But then I put away the vacuum sweeper. I still need to do the bedroom and the dining room. I can do them tomorrow.

More later.

 This is the flowerbed I made up a couple of years ago. The pansies made it through the winter.  I re-mulched it today though and added a new border on the end. I'll show that next.

Two of these little doodads were brought from the Catalina house. The white one was given to me today by Maureen, my neighbor. The other round one and the turtle were given to me by Bob when he moved to Sycamore Landing.

This is the above the ground flowerbed John, my son in law made for me when I moved here.  I planted the lilies one of my kids gave me, the daffodils that one of my kids gave me and the yellow rose bush one of them gave this bed. Today I added the flowers and the red mulch.

I planted some red salvia and some petunias in that one too. I have to have flowers. I have yet to get a tomato plant for the pot Leslie gave me last year.  I will keep it on the patio on the east side.

I also have yet to do my potted plants that I put in front of the apartment.  I do red geraniums and white salvia in those. It's a little early yet though.

More later...

Bob came over to watch the news and when he left I took my bath and lay down with Missy for awhile.

I will probably go to bed at 9:00 this evening. I am very tired after working on the flowerbeds off and on all day.

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