Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday and Exercise Class Again

I will try to get the newsletters done before exercise class. I have an hour and a half to get that done. I would like to clean the bare floors too but may not have time. I slept well again last night. I awoke once and took my thyroid pill but got right back to sleep. I got up at 5:30. Taking a Zyrtec allergy pill before bedtime  sure helps my sleep and also helps me sleep though the night.

I cleaned the area in front of the chair Bob uses when he is here. I also need to clean in front of my own. I will do that this afternoon. I also want to do the bare floors today. 

I will finish this after I get the newsletters done.

O.K. The newsletters are finished. I only need to get stamps at Country Mart and put them out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. I had better get those stamps now...before Bob comes to pick me up for exercise class.

More later...

I have been to exercise class and am home now. I thought before I began lunch I would get the bathroom and kitchen floors mopped so I did. The kitchen was especially dirty.  I guess I should mop it at least three times a week. It gets so much traffic.

I got the carpet in front of my chair cleaned too. When they are both dry, I will vacuum them since that's what the Resolve carpet cleaner bottle said to do. It evidently leaves a residue and that needs to be vacuumed up. Both areas will  probably be dry after lunch.

More even later...

I ran the vacuum on the living room carpet after lunch. Then I lay down with Missy and watched TV and also took a short nap.

Bob came over about 5:15 and watched the news. He left about 6:30 and I took my bath and watched TV for awhile. I will stay up until 9:00 or so if I can find something interesting on TV. That will be  challenge with today's TV.   

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