Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night and was up at 5:30. I dressed and got ready for church. I got the newspaper and read it and did the crossword puzzle.  I also made my coffeecake and iced it. 

Then it became time to go pick up Bob. I got him and got to church early enough to run off the bulletins and insert the inserts.

Leslie came later and messed with the sound system until she figured out what was wrong with it. The phantom had been turned off and so there was no sound. She turned it on and voila! We had a mike! So she will cancel the service call for Tuesday.

I had the sermon and it went all right. Afterward, seven of us went over to "Just Us" at Cherryvale to eat. 

After that I came home and took some coffeecake to Marilyn.  We visited awhile and then I came home.

I still have not done the newsletters yet. I will do them later today or in the morning.

Bob will be over after while to watch the news and 60 Minutes.

So more later...

I will do the newsletters tomorrow morning before exercise class. 

The Masters gold tournament was on so we had to watch a different channel for the news and 60 Minutes wasn't on until 7:00. Bob went home to watch it. He was very sleepy.

When he left I took my bath and Missy and I watched  TV until 9:30, when we went to bed.

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