Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday and a Storm

It poured down rain last night with a lot of thunder and lightning. I could hear it even though it didn't wake me up much. I finally got up at 4:45. I don't know if it hailed or not. Missy was frightened by all the noise. I don't know if I will go to exercise class or not today. It depends on if the streets are flooded again. I will just have to wait and see.

I fed Missy but am having her wait for her treats until after I finish this portion of the blog. I have dressed but have not had my breakfast yet.

More later...after it gets light out.

Well I had my breakfast and also went to exercise class. Bob picked me up. I also went to Utopia and had my usual...Utopiachino and a cinnamon roll. I also brought one back for my neighbor. Then at 12:00 Bob and I went to lunch at Sirloin Stockade. I had a coupon for a free lunch and Bob insisted on buying his.

I then wrote an article that Judy wanted me to write about PINCH and sent it to all four papers in the area. 

Afterward, he brought me back home and I lay down on the sofa with Missy and took a short nap.  Then I got up and finally found that DVD I thought I had lost. It's primary title was "First Light" and it's secondary title was "Jesus and the Kingdom of God".  I was looking for one entitled "Jesus and the Kingdom of God".  So I looked right over "First Light".

I have half a brain.

I went over to Marilyn's to have her sign the birthday card for Wayne. We will all go over there tomorrow morning at 10:30 and celebrate his birthday with him and Merrill.  I visited with Marilyn for awhile. 

Bob came shortly after 5:00 and read the paper and watched CBS news with me and later PBS so we could see the commentary of Brooks and Shields.  After that, he left and I took my bath and put my PJs on for the evening.  It's supposed to rain again later tonight...probably toward midnight or shortly afterward.

I will try to stay up until 9:00, take my Zyrtec and then Missy and I will go to bed.

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