Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday and Rain Again

We are forecast for more rain and perhaps hail later today. I am very tired of rain and wind. I can't keep my hair looking like anything.

I slept very well last night. I woke up at my usual 5:00 and fed Missy and myself

I took Missy out for awhile on both the carport and the patio. I swept off the leaves and other mess for both areas.

I will vacuum the dining room today.  Then I may bake cookies after lunch.  We will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I have both pudding and cup cakes for dessert.

Missy just got sick and vomited a couple of times.  I cleaned up the mess and washed the carpet where she did it with carpet cleaner.  Luckily most was on the indoor/outdoor carpet in the back hall. That and her own personal bath mat. I have it in the laundry now with my towels and underwear. I hope she's o.k. now.  I will keep my eye on her. She had been eating grass while we were outside.

I may bake cookies this afternoon. We have been out for a week.

More later....

I loaned my rattan chair to my neighbors. They needed seating. They will buy a house in the next few months and move and then give it back to me. I really don't have a place to put it. But it was pretty expensive. I gave the ladies chair that matched it to Bobby and Karan.  They needed a small chair for next to their fireplace.

I took my plastic bags to the Genesis site. They can use them to pack groceries for the poor who come there for assistance.  I also went out to Walmart to get a few things I will need in the near future.

I went to Sherwin Williams to find some of that wall paper cleaner that is like silly putty. I used to use it to clean wallpaper when I had wallpaper. They evidently don't make it anymore. I was hoping to clean the soles of my shoes with it.  Next time I am in Bartlesville, I will look at Lowe's and see if they have it

In a few minutes I will need to start lunch. Right now, though, I will take Missy out for a little while.

So more even later...

Well lunch was fine...but then how can you go wrong with hamburgers and french fries and Coke..especially if they are shoestring fries?   We had the cupcakes for dessert.

I talked to Merrill (Wayne's son) about his dad's birthday on Saturday.  I wanted to find out a good time to come. he said 10:30 would be fine. I invited him to come too... If Jeannie will bake the strawberry cake and I have bought a card...that would be good. Otherwise, I may do my coffeecake or Marilyn suggested some chocolate chip cookies she has had from Casey's. I could do a strawberry cake but it wouldn't be as good as Jeannie's always was.  I think she added fresh strawberries. was scrumptious.  We are inviting the Russell's too. They have known Wayne for a long time. ...even if they haven't rented from him. Wayne will be 97. He was born in 1920. 

But at least we have a time now. The menu can be a little later....

I did bake cookies this afternoon and vacuumed the dining room at last. I laid down with Missy later and watched TV until the newspaper came. Then I read that. Jeannie is going to her grandchild's graduation on Saturday and cannot join us. Marilyn is bringing cookies instead. She will contact her neighbors the Russells. 

My neighbor, Carmen, came by briefly and visited with me. She then brought me some of their supper..chicken and rice and beans. It was good. I shared it with Bob.

Later Bob came and stayed  until after 6:00 and after he went home I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00, when we went to bed.Again, I was very tired!

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