Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will pick me up later this morning...close to 7:00... and we will try to get a warm breakfast at Eggberts again. I am really getting tired of eating cold food there but I know Bob prefers it to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast.

I slept fairly well last night. The storm started again later ...I don't remember what time but it did wake me up. I stayed in bed though until the middle of the night when I woke up again and this time I went to the bathroom and took my thyroid med. This hacking cough hangs on... though although not at night when I take the Zrytac.

The huge limb that was hanging over Merrill's driveway fell down during yesterday's wind storm and it hit the tailgate of his pickup and put a dent in it. I took some photos after he began cleaning up the mess. I'll try to remember to post them here. Unfortunately, I didn't think about getting a photo of the entire mess. Merrill had begun the cleanup before I thought of it.

Here's the other one.

By the time I got these photos, Merrill had it almost cleaned up. He was really unhappy! I can't blame him.

Missy hasn't had her breakfast yet so I will get back to this later.

I fed her and took her outside briefly. I saw something I had not seen in a couple of years out there...a fox....a full grown fox. I didn't have a camera handy or I would have taken a photo.

Breakfast was good. At least it was hotter. I got back home and wanted to see if the fox was still out there. He wasn't.  They usually come out fairly early in the morning.

More later...Maybe I will get some photos of the 97th birthday get together we have for Wayne this morning at 10:30.

Well, the party went fine. There were already two folks there when we got there and after the one man left we finally got to visit with Wayne and Merrill.  Vic was there and brought a lot of bear claws so we didn't eat too many of Marilyn's cookies.   She gave most of them to me and also gave me some fudge. She makes very good fudge. We did have a god visit with Wayne and Merrill though. We got back about noon. I won't fix lunch since I had goodies this morning after a big breakfast.

More later...

I rested in the afternoon with Missy on the sofa. Carmen, from next door came over and woke me up. Rick told her I might be asleep but she didn't believe him. She had been to a garage sale and had bought a lot of lovely shoes that didn't even appear to have been worn at all.  She also got a couple of posters for the living room wall and a manicure set.   She wanted to show me all her purchases. She is really a sweet person...very childlike though.

I didn't fix any lunch today. Bob and I both had cookies and a piece of fudge that Marilyn gave me. I shared a little of it with Bob.

He came back about 4:00 and got some pecans for his banana nut bread. I will buy another bag this week for next Sunday's coffeecake.  He stayed until after 6:00.

Keith called this evening and suggested that he might drive down here from Ft. Leavenworth in June to visit me. He will be in a training class for three days beginning on that Monday in June. If he can get permission from his new employer, he will rent a car on Saturday and come visit me that weekend before his classes begin on Monday. If that works out, Esther will come too. That would be terrific! I haven't seen him since my 80th surprise birthday party.

There was nothing worth watching on TV. Tulsa had just their weather going and we are 72 miles north of Tulsa. Their weather doesn't usually affect us.  So I watched the weather channel instead. I went to bed shortly after 9:00.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

My goodness that limb !! Such strong winds : (

Margie's Musings said...

And the limb was dead and should have been removed long ago!

clairz said...

My goodness, keep an eye out for that fox! He might have designs on Missy.