Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers Day Sunday and Church and a Coffeecake

I slept really well again last night. I took my Zyrtec again.  It seems to dry me up and suppress the cough.

I had a strange thing happen yesterday. For one thing, I got Howard's DVD and took the box over to him after it arrived. Then I checked my e-mail. I had an e-mail from the retired church historian of my church in Independence, Missouri. It seems he also received the same package. I have no idea what his address is but he received one of those DVDs too and was not happy about it. After all, it cost over $96.00.

I sent him an e-mail apology and asked him to send it to me so I could take it to Howard. This was before my mail came with Howard's package. I notified the "Faith and Reason" people about the error and left a message on their phone. Hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow. I can't even imagine how such an error even happened. Maybe they will get it straightened out tomorrow. 

I got an apology e-mail from Richard about his angry reply yesterday. I think the world of him and would not want to offend him. 

Anyhow, the coffeecake for the church school class is in the oven and should be coming out in five minutes or so.

I'd better check that coffeecake. More later..

Coffeecake is done and out cooling. I will ice it after it cools.

The flowerbed next to the apartment doesn't look too good. It is pretty sparse looking. There is no topsoil there except that Miracle Grow I put in there to plant in. I only had part of a bag left and wanted to use it up. I may plant additional plants later if I get some more Miracle Grow. I would have to carefully rake back the mulch I put in there to do that.   I will see how those plants do that I planted yesterday before I make any decision about it.

The above ground flowerbed John made me looks good. It is full. His and Leslie's lilies and Scott and Ginger's miniature rosebush look good and healthy. I also planted some bedding plants in there last month.

Bob wants Phyllis and me to eat at "Just Us" with him but Leslie may have a plan for Mother's Day dinner. I haven't heard. I will have to wait and see.  He and Phyllis can always go on over to Cherryvale for their dinner.

More later...I'd better ice that coffeecake.

Well, I got the coffeecake iced and out to church. Not many ate any at this time though so I will divide  between Bob, Marilyn and myself and we will eat it up.

After lunch, since Leslie was on call and had a call at the hospital to follow up on, Bob and I went to "Just Us" by ourselves. She did give me my Mother's day gift though and it was so cute. Here is a photo of it. It is a cat...a cat lit up by the sun...a solar energy cat. I have set it out in the sunlight to charge it but here it is:

Isn't that something! It has a sign around it's neck that says "Welcome". I also got a darling funny card from her. She's a mess!

Of course, I got the wonderful coffees from Scott and Ginger.  Let's see if I can post that here again. I will never run short of coffee with those two.
Keith called and talked to me this afternoon. He is so busy with his new job!  He is excited yet nervous about it. It was good to hear from him again. He was going to call each of his girls as soon as he got off the phone to me. He is really good at staying in touch with them.

I have wonderful kids!

Each of the mothers got  a bedding plant from church. I planted mine right away. I didn't want it to dry out! I am going to go to Orchelon's and look for birdseed. My birds have eaten all of that that I bought at Walmart.

I got the birdseed and filled the feeder again. I will see how long it takes those birds to empty it again.

I also got the congregations newsletters done and out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow.

More again later....

This is my oldest great grandchild. She will be 14 in September. Her name is Sage and she is is just as nice as she looks.

More even later...

I took my new neighbors over to the street where Howard and Judy live.  There is a house next door they may like. They took down a telephone number to discuss seeing it with the owners. They are selling it themselves. 

Bob came over to watch 60 Minutes but got very tired and sleepy and finally went home.

Missy and I watched TV until 9:30 and  finally I went to bed too. I was very tired!


Sister--Three said...

Happy Mother's Day, Margie!

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three...and the same to you!