Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I will pick up Bob for exercise class today.  He has been driving most days.

After I got myself around for the day, I took Missy out on the patio for awhile. All of a sudden and small yappy dog came running up the sidewalk after her and she scatted around the building to the carport door. I didn't know she could still run that fast. When I got around there, she wanted back in the apartment.

 It is dreary and overcast today after a lovely sunshiny day yesterday. We have a chance of scattered showers today.

I will go to exercise class and afterward, clean the bathroom and kitchen. Then I will start lunch. We will have tuna croquettes and fried potatoes as well as a veggie. ...probably green beans.  Bob will bring a salad.  I still have cookies, cupcakes and puddings for dessert.  Surely one will work. This afternoon I will need to get some groceries and will go out to Walmart.

Tomorrow I will go to Independence to get my hair done and then come back home to work at the bloodmobile from 10:30 until 12:30.  Then Bob and I will go somewhere for lunch...probably Sirloin Stockade.

Juanita probably has her bank statement by now but I will need to go up there to balance her checkbook another day.  The bloodmobile is scheduled for tomorrow.  Then tomorrow afternoon I will vacuum two rooms and do my laundry.  It will be a busy day.

More later.....

I have my laundry in the dryer now. We had our dinner and it turned out fine. We had the rest of the cupcakes for dessert.  I sent the leftovers home with Bob.  he can eat them for his supper if he wants.
I will do the bathroom and kitchen floors and then lay down for awhile. I just got back from Walmart. I spent almost $30.00 on just 7 things on my list.  It's terrible the cost of groceries anymore.

More even later..

This is the bird I saw on my bird feeder on Saturday. I couldn't find it in my bird book but I found it online It' s a ruby crowned kinglet.

Isn't it cute? I had never seen one here before.

More later...

 Bob left just after 6:00.  Missy and I watched TV for awhile and then I went to bed about 9:30


Sister--Three said...

I love the kinglet. Never had one at my feeder like it!

Margie's Musings said...

Me either! This is a first!