Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept pretty well last night. I did get up at 5:00AM  as usual. I got myself around for the day and also got Missy her treats and breakfast.

Bob is sick. He has what he thinks is a cold. It began just like mine did three weeks ago...with nausea and later diarrhea.  Now he just feels terrible. I will cook lunch as usual and take his over to him. He needs to stay in and away from people and get plenty of rest.  He really came down with a sore throat Monday evening and the cold yesterday and he had to go to the city commission meeting last night because they were voting on putting him on the senior citizen board. He has a two year term now. He felt so bad that he left the meeting early.

I guess I will go to exercise class this morning. Later I will go to game day at the senior center .after lunch. I want to vacuum a couple of rooms here this morning. It will probably be the dining room and the living room. Carmen sleeps later and there is no sense disturbing her by doing the den and my bedroom that early. She and Rick live in the apartment behind me.  He has a job and he takes the car  to work but they only have the one car so she sleeps late.

I have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. Friday I will meet my friend, Gay, for lunch.

I have no plan for Saturday either. But Sunday, I will go to church school and church and I preside that day. After church I will meet Ed and his wife, Carol, at Sirloin Stockade at 12:30 for lunch.   They are here for the Memorial Day weekend. Sometime that afternoon, my cousin's husband, Everett, and his daughter, Tricia, will come over to visit me. Depending on how Bob is feeling by then and doing by then, he may come over for the visit too. Everett's wife, Pat, was my sister's cousin too. She passed away several years ago.

More later....

I ended up vacuuming the entire apartment and did some extensive dusting and rearranging the files in the den. 

Then I went on to exercise class. Afterward I asked Marilyn L. if she would like to go somewhere for lunch. She agreed and I suggested Big Cheese in Independence. So I went out to Woodshed and filled up with gas and then picked her up at 11:00 and we drove to Independence again for lunch. We really enjoyed ourselves and I took her out to Quality Motors where she had a new battery put in her remote door opener.  They did that for free since she bought her car there.

Then we came back home and I dropped her off at home and went on to game day. The four of us  had a good time with that too. Marilyn didn't go. She needs a nap in the afternoon.

After game day, I came back home. I took the leftover pizza to Bob and also that cough medicine I used when I had that cough. I also took him the Reporter to read.

Needless to say I was very tired. I took my bath early and lay down with Missy to watch "Nature" on PBS. She loves that show and she lays next to me on the sofa and stays eyes glued to the screen.

I fell asleep for awhile and about 9:00 went to bed. She soon followed me.  She's sleeping behind me on the daybed now.

I called and tried to get Dr. Gillis to renew it for me but I doubt he would since it has codeine in it. He likes to see his patients before prescribing anything for them....ah, the mighty dollar!  I only go to the doctor twice a year and then only to have my thyroid med dosage checked out out. I am seldom sick. Even when I am sick, it has to be very bad before I go to the doctor. I don't have much confidence in them. They have been wrong too many times in my experience.

More later...

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