Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday and Church and Living the Questions Group

I slept well again last night. I took my Zrytec before bed and that helps me sleep by drying up my sinus drainage.

I got up at 5:00 AM or shortly after, fed Missy and myself and read the newspaper. Then I worked the crossword puzzle and came into the den and checked my e-mail.  I got my bill from Goody's and scheduled it to be paid. It wasn't much. It was for my latest pair of shoes...the Sketchers.  They were on sale so I had bought them.

I will go to church this morning and afterward, Bob and I plan to go to The Railroad Inn for lunch. That is an Italian restaurant. I know it doesn't sound like it but it is. It has been a long time since we've been there for lunch. I will call later and try to make a reservation.  They may be very busy.

Tonight we will have supper and Living the Questions group at Marilyn's. She likes to hold her class at 6:00 and have us all over for dinner first. I will fix my baked beans this afternoon.    

Now. I had better take Missy out for awhile on the patio. She has waited patiently for that.

Back later...

There were 19 at church. Several were away for graduation services. But my new neighbors, Rock and Carmen were there. Everyone welcomed them too.  Rick had sent me over a burrito filled with eggs for breakfast and I ate it before we left for Church School.

After church, Bob and I invited them to come to lunch with us but they had other plans so they took a rain check.  Bob and I went over to Just Us ourselves. Both Phyllis and Karan were out of town for graduation services.

After I got home I did my congregational newsletters.

Betty had had Steve mow the yard and it looked really nice.  I am so glad she has decided to have the lawn mowed every week. It will look so much nicer all the time.

More later...

I got my baked beans baked for tonight's dinner at Marilyn's house.  I just heard from Mona. They moved on Thursday. They have been unpacking ever since and she is exhausted.  She doesn't think they will make tonight's meeting. I had a text earlier that Karan won't make it either. It was 3:25 and she was still at the graduation. I imagine she will come back home in the morning. That's a long trip after dark and she is by herself.

I will pick up Gary at 5:40. He doesn't have a car and I always pick him up.

I picked up Gary at 5:40 and we went to the group meeting.  There were ten of us there. Two were new. They were John and Wendy. 

We didn't enjoy the new DVD as much as we thought. It was strictly a lecture. But it is something new.  Gary didn't enjoy it as much as he hoped. He prefers the variety of speakers sharing like the Saving Jesus DVD and the Living the Questions DVD.  I have to agree with him. But the fellowship afterward is very good. We stayed until 9:00 and then I took Gary home and came home myself. I took my bath and went to bed at almost 9:30...late for me. 

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