Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday and Still at Camp

Today will be another huge day. They are getting breakfast ready in the kitchen now. I will not eat as much this morning.

Flagpole devotions are at 7:20 but so far not many are up and around. We had a huge storm last night with 50 mile an hour winds and lots of rain.  Breakfast is at 7:30.

At 9:30 is the SonBurst Worship service. That's the one with all the up and down movements with  basically camp songs. I'm not wild about those but it only lasts until 10:00 and then we break into our groups. Class with Barbara is at 11:00. She is an excellent teacher.

Today our group (the Orange group...called "Sonkissed") is in charge of cleaning bathrooms.  We will do that after lunch.  Lunch is at 12:15. Then the afternoons are free periods. That's when I take my photos and do this blog.  I hope to get some more photos today..if it's not too wet by then.

More later....

It was a very busy day today. I ate lunch but decided not to eat supper  anymore. After the morning class, we had lunch and then later...after awhile, we cleaned the bathrooms in Founder's Hall.

This evening we listened to a sermon by Vivian, our Mission Center co-president. She did a good job.

Afterward, I noticed that my left ankle had swollen terribly. I went down to the trailer to lie down and elevate it. Soon Karan came in and brought me a small piece of watermelon. I had skipped the watermelon feed because of my ankle. Soon after Karan  came in, Jody came in carrying an ice pack. That helped the swelling a lot. Karan and I visited until 10:00 when we finally went on to bed.  I didn't even take a shower.

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