Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday and A Storm

I slept fitfully last night. I got up close to 6:00 and soon after that, a storm moved in. After I dressed and had a cup of Chai, the rain stopped temporarily and I walked up to the lodge and took this computer up with me.

I checked my e-mail but there was nothing personal.... just a lot of spam.

It's ten after 7:00 now and breakfast is in twenty minutes.

I didn't get any photos yesterday since it was such a busy day. Maybe if the rain goes away I can get some today.

We had a great "chat time" with our World Church appointee Barbara Carter yesterday afternoon and she brought us up to date with the financial condition  of the church and answered lots of questions.

More later.....It's time for morning devotions.

"Homer" visits the morning SonBurst Worship every day. He is the hand puppet. Bill does a wonderful job of writing the scripts. He's the puppeteer. Homer gives lots of lessons and the kids love him.


We had morning devotions and also breakfast over now. In an hour we have SonBurst Worship group meeting. Then at 11:00 we will have our class.

The day was very busy again. We had the KP for breakfast today. I did the pots and pans again...there weren't many this time.

Later I learned that the cook had only moved the oatmeal pans and several other pans into the kitchen and not emptied them. After the kitchen was cleaned and everything put away and the dining room cleaned, he emptied them and took the pans with the dried oatmeal and three other pans with dried food in them to the kitchen to be washed. By then everyone working in the kitchen had gone for the morning except Karan who was visiting in the lodge and all others were down at the worship center for the early worship. Karan was the only one of our group still at the lodge and she had those pans to wash. Poor planning by the cook!

The class was good again. Barbara taught it. She uses a lot of personal experiences in her teaching and uses a lot of class participation. That makes it especially interesting.

In the afternoon, I worked on this blog and later went to a writer's workshop with Terry, the camp directer during the "shoes off" rest  period. After that it was supper time and I just helped serve. I didn't eat supper..I just had a glass of tea.

We went to the song service and worship service after supper was cleaned up. Barbara had another excellent sermon. During the sermon, I noticed that my left foot was swollen again....especially bad around the ankle. There was to be only "clean up" on Sunday morning and I didn't think I should do that with my swollen foot. This time it was swollen even larger.

Karan walked up the hill to get my car and I immediately packed up and left for home. I got home at 10:00 PM and unpacked and took a bath to go to bed. It was then that I noticed that my bladder surgery from January, was failing. I will have to speak with the doctor in Bartlesville that did the surgery and see what I/he should do about that.

Here Homer is saying goodbye to his friends!
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