Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday and Camp

I slept fitfully last night. I guess it was the idea of finishing packing for camp. I started last night but there's always a lot of lat minute packing to do. Luckily, I make a list. If I didn't, I would forget something...for sure.

I finally got back to sleep and slept until almost 6:00...which is late for me. After I got up and dressed, I finished packing and put my bags in the trunk of my car. After the laptop finishes updating and shuts down I will put it and the charging cord in the bag and put it in the back seat floor. After I get to camp, I will take it and everything else into the camper.

I watered everything this morning. As I began to water, it began to sprinkle on the patio. That didn't last long so I finished watering.

I had my breakfast after first feeding Missy. She was nearly out of food.

My TV is out. I turned the weather on early and when I tried to shift channels, I lost the signal. I tried several things I knew but to no avail. Finally I called Cox. They said the TV was out in our area and they would have it back on by 12:30. I will be gone by then. I will try to log on the and see if I can get the Tulsa news. I can get the national news online with the computer. I still have that signal.

Perhaps more later from camp...if I can get a signal there.

The TV is back on and it's only 8:30. It didn't take all morning after all.

I will leave soon for Joplin area.  Bob will look in on Missy from time to time and feed her and clean up her litter box.  I will try to get a signal from the campgrounds later...after I get settled in.

I went to Joplin  and walked around the mall for awhile. Then I came on out to the reunion grounds.

It was hot but breezy. I had a difficult time getting the camper door unlocked. Kevin, the caretaker came to help and after several tries, he managed to get it open. It stuck for some reason.

When I got my luggage in the camper, I came up to the lodge, closing the door after me. Then I found I couldn't get the unlocked door open again. I got Vivian's husband, Leroy, to come tug on it and it finally opened. When Karan came, she thought the door was locked too. She had to give it a mighty tug to get it open.  Maybe it will get easier as the rest of the week progresses. That camper is really lovely. The kids left it at the campgrounds after they left Roaring River weekend before last.

After a full day, I finally went to bed at 9:00 or shortly afterward. I don't know how Missy made out with Bob coming over to feed her.

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