Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I slept well last night and got up early. I have posted on this blog, fed myself and Missy, watered the front flowers and dead headed the ones in the above ground flower box that my son-in-law, John, made me.  I still have to water that east side. But I stopped to bring Missy back in so I could scrub the kitchen floor. It's going to be a scorcher today. I still need to scrub the bathroom floor. That will be my project for today. Thursday morning I will vacuum the apartment again.

Tomorrow I will get my hair done and Bob and I will eat at Big Cheese in Independence. In the afternoon I will work from 3:00 until 6:00 at the Red Cross bloodmobile escorting donors to a seat to eat.

Wednesday is exercise class again and in the afternoon I will go out to Asbury Village for Bunco.

Thursday I will take Juanita to Bartlesville to the heart doctor to check out her pacemaker.  I will not cook that day since I need to go get Juanita at noon since her appointment is at 1:15. 

Friday, I am free except for exercises. I will go to Utopia for a Utopiachino and cinnamon roll.  Then I will come home and cook lunch.

It will be another busy week and a scorcher.  More later...

This is the "girls" from the Living the Questions group.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing

Judy, Marilyn, me, Karan, Joyce, Mona, and Wendy

This was taken last evening at Marilyn's L's home.

I paid my car and apartment insurance today.  It came to a little over $304. I dropped the collision and made the comprehensive $1,000 deductible.  The car is ten years old and keeping collision on it is not practical.

Dinner turned out fine and I sent the leftover chicken home with Bob.

Juanita called me this afternoon to ask me to come at 11:30 on Thursday to help her "pick out" her hair. She has not gone to get it fixed lately because of the heat.  So she thinks it must look bad. I will try to make it so it pleases her.  The poor lady is blind and can barely see anything.

More later...I want to wash the bathroom floor this afternoon.

I laid down with Missy and kept falling asleep for a nap. 

Bob came shortly after 5:00 and watched the news with me.  He reminded me that he has a senior citizen board meeting tomorrow morning at 10:30 and cannot go to Independence with me.  So I will put a roast on in the slow cooker with potatoes and carrots instead of going to Big Cheese.

After Bob left, I took my bath and got ready for bed and went to bed at 9:00.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Ah you girls took a nice picture! :)

My exercize this morning was mowing the grass and it was so thick and tall from all of the rain that the mower kept stalling. Saturday was the first day of no rain in about a week and I had a wedding that day and dealing with photos the next.

We are in for high temps here as well now...looks like I might relent and have my son put the window A/C unit in my bedroom soon. I try to avoid that, wanting to sleep with fresh air, but once it hits 70 at night, I give up, lol ...

Margie's Musings said...

I understand, Deb, about the hot weather. I run my AC here in southeast Kansas. It will be 101 here on Saturday.

Thanks for the compliment!