Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 2:00 and it took me awhile to get back to sleep but I did get back to sleep....even though I had another dream just before I awoke.

I got up around 5:00 and got myself ready for church and fed Missy and myself. She wanted to go outside and just as soon as I got my coffeecake mixed up and in the oven, I took her out while I watered again. She wanted to wander this time. After chasing her down a couple of times, I brought her back inside while I read the newspaper and iced the coffeecake.  Then after I got that done, I took her back outside and she behaved herself that time.

My neighbors, Rick and Carman  told me yesterday evening they would be at our church again today. Leslie, my daughter, is speaking this morning. Rick and Carman  are such neat kids. He is the supervisor/manager of a trucking company here in Coffeyville and she is a housewife. They are about 52 years old. He had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I took the ice cream for a small party she invited the people of the fourplex to attend. I assume she is about the same age. They have been married 27 years they said. She is originally from Columbia South America. I don't know what brought her to the USA. She is quite pretty and very nice. I asked them to go to lunch with us at Just Us the last time they attended our church. But she wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant. I understood.

I was visiting with him after I went to the campgrounds last Sunday. He was curious about our family camps that we call reunions. I would have invited them to go with me but Sue R. had called and wanted John and herself to ride with me. So I wouldn't have had room for two more in my little car.

In about 20 minutes I will go pick up Bob. Then we will go get Phyllis. We ride together so we won't have three cars at the church parking lot and then we three go to Just Us for lunch.

When I get back home, I will do the congregational newsletter and then prepare to go to Marilyn's L's house this evening for our Living the Questions group meeting at 7:00.

This will be a busy week. Tomorrow I have exercise class as usual and after lunch I have to go pay my car insurance sometime tomorrow afternoon. Then Tuesday I will have my hair appointment and lunch with Bob at Big Cheese and then work at the Red Cross escorting blood doners to their seats from 3:00 until 6:00. Wednesday I will have exercise class and after lunch Bunco at Asbury Village in the afternoon. Thursday I will take Juanita to the doctor in Bartlesville to have her pacemaker checked at 1:15. I will have to pick her up at noon so no lunch that day. Friday it's exercises again and then cinnamon roll day at Utopia. Between all this, I will clean house and do laundry. Busy...busy..busy.

More later....

I took some photos at Gay's family reunion yesterday and I thought I had one of her son, Paul, but when I downloaded them, I found I did not have one of him. Darn!

This is Gay. We have been friends since she was 14 and I was 17.

This is her husband, Tony. He has lost 70 pounds since being on dialysis.
This is her daughter,Kathy. The women behind Kathy is Janet, the one that helped me with the dishes and cleaning up after lunch. I sure thought I had one of Paul but guess I just thought I did.

I got all the newsletters finished and out on the mailbox ready for the mailman tomorrow.

I have an hour or so before Bob comes over to watch the news. I will work on my list of classmates. I lost another one yesterday.

Bob came and we watched the news and 60 Minutes until time to go to the Living the Questions group meeting at Marilyn's.  Marilyn called me to say Karan wanted to come too but needed someone to pick her up. I called Karan and volunteered.

Bob drove his own car. It was a smaller group. Howard and Judy were there, Karan and me, Bob, John and Wendy, Richard and Mona,  Joyce, and of course, Marilyn. That's 11 of us. I don't like the material we are using. It's more like an ancient history lesson then about religion.

I took Karan home at 9:00 and came home myself and watched the CNN special about the comedy of the 70's. At 10:30, Missy and I went to bed.

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