Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept well last night. I did wake up three times but managed to get back to sleep each time. Missy and I have had our breakfasts and even been outside for thirty minutes. I have watered the plants in the front and after I get the apartment vacuumed, I will water the east side. I want to watch the news for awhile.

We are having hamburgers and french fries for lunch. Bob will bring a tomato for the hamburgers. 
And I will do a load of laundry this morning. It's been awhile and I need to catch up.

I laid down with Missy last night on the sofa to watch PBS and off and on I went to sleep. Finally after 9:00 some time I just went on to bed.

I can't make up my mind whether to go ahead and have my bunion surgery right away or wait awhile longer. I plan to go to Scott and Ginger's for Ashley's graduation from college in December so I probably should get it done before this fall. I'd like to wait until Karan is back on her feet again.  There are only four of us preaching now and that would make it even harder on those left to do that. She had knee surgery last week.

More later...

I have the apartment all vacuumed now. I turned the dining chairs over and looked at the bottom and found cat hair on the bottoms and an oily residue on the underside wood. I got my furniture polish and an old washcloth and wiped all that stuff off.  I even turned over the sofa and cleaned it off. When Missy is scared, she often runs behind the sofa. This apartment would stay a lot cleaner without Missy but I can't part with her. She does lose a lot of hair.

Now I need to go out and water the east side flowers. More later.....

I got the flower beds on the east side all watered too. Now I am very tired and will rest awhile.  I will start lunch at 11:00. It's 10:00 now.

More later....

Lunch went well.  After lunch I went out to church and put a sign on the door announcing that there were to be no services locally on Sunday. The congregation will be at the campgrounds on Sunday but the  sign invites any visitors back on the following Sunday. I also set three mouse traps and put away the dish towels I had washed and dried at home.

Then I came home and lay down with Missy and watched TV for an hour. At  4:30 I baked cookies.

Bob came in at ten after 5:00 and ate a couple of warm cookies. He stayed until 6:30 and then left. I took my bath and laid back down with Missy until 9:00 when we both went to bed. 


pat m said...

You only have 4 PH to preach? Why don't you let non-PH give "talks"? One congregation I went to did that..just as long an Elder there in charge.

Margie's Musings said...

We do. We even have a non member who has attended for 25 years preach.

Margie's Musings said...

We actually have three elders, one priest, one teacher and two deacons in our congregation. Right now the teacher isn't speaking because she is recovering from the murder of her husband. One of the Elders isn't speaking because she has had knee surgery a week and a half ago. Two of our other elders don't speak now because they are in their 80's and are in poor health.