Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I slept well until 3:00 and from then on it was off and on..mostly off. I gave up at 4:30 and just got up. Maybe the nap yesterday spoiled my sleep. Who knows. It's always a mystery.

I stripped my bed and after awhile I will do that laundry. I put my new sheets on the bed and remade it.

I have dressed and have myself ready for the day. Now it's time to go get breakfast for Missy and myself. I will pick up Bob at 8:45 for exercise class and then come home and do that laundry and fix lunch. We will have tuna cakes and fried potatoes and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I saved him a few strawberries for his dessert. I ate mine last night.

I heard from my friend Myra last evening by e-mail. She has moved to Wyoming to be near her youngest daughter. She has some health problems. I will miss her. We had some good times together. We used to meet at Bartlesville and shop and then have lunch together and catch up on our news. She is seven years younger then I am. She just doesn't have as good health. She lost her husband, Bob, a few months after I lost my Bob in 2010. We had been really good friends with them for 50 years.

So...more later...

Scott called me a little while ago. I had texted both Keith and him about the Tulsa tornado. We visited about it awhile.  Then he arrived at his job site and had to get off the phone.  It was good to hear from him again though. He used to call once a week but they have been very busy. They had her son, Nathan, there this past weekend getting him fixed for college.  They bought clothes, etc.

Ginger had bought him another truck this spring. I think Scott said it was a 2014..nice truck.

They have been working on their back yard too and it is looking really good. He has posted photos on his facebook page.

Then a couple of weeks ago, they took a cruise.

 Image may contain: ocean, sky, water and outdoor

This was their ship.

I got my laundry done and in the dryer. In about an hour I will start lunch. We usually eat at 11:30.

More later...

I got lunch going and Bob came over just before 11:30. Lunch was fine. I gave him the extra tuna cake to take home. I also gave him the rest of the strawberries and a cooky for dessert. 

I went to the bank to get some cash for my hairdo tomorrow and lunch.

Then I laid down with Missy and watched TV in the afternoon. Steve, the man that mows for us, came and mowed and trimmed the lawn. It looks very nice. He takes his blower and blows off the carport and patio after he trims too.

Bob came back after 5:15 and we watched the news and I fixed him the rest of the vanilla ice cream he brought by a month ago. Then we watched a DVD Karan gave him to watch. It was a Dean Martin roast of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson. They were both very funny.

Bob left a little while ago and I took my bath and will watch TV if I can find anything to watch. I plan to get Missy and go to bed at 9:00. It's ten after 8:00 now.

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