Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday and Lunch Out

I slept really well last night. And I didn't take Zyrtec either. I got up at my regular time...5:00 AM.

Today I want to clean the apartment and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.

We will eat at the Kansas Buffet at 11:30. That will give me a break from cooking.   I don't have anything else planned for today. I did my grocery shopping yesterday afternoon.

KUMC called me yesterday to change my appointment with the urologist. They wanted me to take a little later time.That gave me an opportunity to ask for a change to September 18th instead of September 11th. Also I moved the time to 1:30. Leslie was so relieved about the change of date and time. I was so glad to be able to make the change.

I wrote a letter to the editors of the three newspapers I subscribe to day before yesterday. I see that it was used in the County Chronicle this morning.  I get that one online and it's a weekly. Writing letters to the editors of our newspapers is a better way of reaching our legislators.  Their clipping service will see to it that the legislator sees it...your letter reaches their constituency.

More later...

Well, it's 8:00  and I have mopped both the bathroom and kitchen floors and vacuumed the entire apartment.  That should do it for awhile. I still have to dust but that's not a big deal in a two bedroom apartment. I can do that after lunch. Right now, Missy wants to go back outside. So...more later...

I saw this on the news.

A disturbing video clearly shows the distressed 8-month-old baby crying while the infant was in the care of the two unidentified teenage girls.

"In that video, two young ladies could be seen on the video placing a small child, an infant, into a refrigerator," Ambrose said.

The video led police to the teenage babysitters, and in it they can be heard laughing while the baby cries.

I don't know what has got into some of the younger generation.  Some definitely have not been trained in proper behavior. It's a strange world...certainly nothing like the one I grew up in.

More later...

We had a good lunch at Kansas Buffet. I saw a classmate of mine and she looked good 82.

Now I will lay down and have a nap with Missy...if she will have anything to do with me.  She was angry before lunch because to keep her out of my chair, I put a sofa cushion in the chair. She was not happy. I went up to the shopping center to finish my grocery shopping and when I got home she was in the chair Bob uses. So I put the other sofa pillow in it and made her get down. Talk about an angry cat! Wow!

More later...

I have watched TV this afternoon. The news is grim...the president had a news conference and made some more of his "remarks".

The paper came and I have read it. It is 4:35 now.

More even later...

Bob came over a little after 5:00 and stayed to watch the news. It began to thunder about 6:15 and he went home. I stayed up and watched "To Sir With Love" one of my favorite old movies.

I went to bed at 9:00. later, Missy came in about 10:00 and climbed up on the bed. She was angry all afternoon because I put the sofa pillows in the velvet chairs to keep her from climbing up into them. I guess she got over her snit. 

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Donna Wood said...

I can't believe people elected this president. Then when he was elected, I thought, "Surely he will have advisers to keep him in line."

Nope. He does what he dang well pleases. The man is a mental case, and he has the power to start a nuclear war. And there's nobody to stop him.