Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday and Juanita's Birthday

I will probably not go to exercise class today. I want to go back to Independence and take Juanita her birthday gift. She is 96 today. I also would like to get my driver's license renewed while I am in Independence. I don't know what that will cost me this time since we also get a new official ID.

I will come back home and cook the meatloaf and baked potatoes. We will also have a veggie and a salad Bob will bring.  I will send him home with some meatloaf and gave some to Marilyn R. Later I will go to Bingo at the senior center.

My social security came in so I am no longer broke. I transferred the money back into my savings that I had borrowed to get through the month. Now I can go to the market too after Bingo. I have quite a list of groceries to buy.

More later....

I went to Independence this morning to get my driver's license renewed and intended to get my passport ordered and take Juanita's birthday gift to her.  I spent some money on all that. The Independence post office sent me to DJ's Photography to get my passport photo taken. He was gone and said he would be back at 2:00. By then, it was time to come home and start lunch.

So I did all that. (His son had hit a deer with his car and he needed to go get him.). Also, I attended Bingo from 1:00 till 2:00 this afternoon.

Afterward, I went back to Independence to try again to get my passport application done. DJ was still gone. So I went on to Juanita's and took her birthday gift to her and stayed awhile to visit. Then I went back to DJ's and he was in this time. I got the photo done and he made my copies as well. I needed a copy of both my birth certificate and driver's license.  Then I went back to the post office and turned in the paperwork for the application for my passport. I paid $110.00 for the passport application and $20.50 for the driver's license. Also $25.00  to the post office for their service. I paid $13.76 for the photo and copies at DJ's. So, I spent some money. It will be 4 to 5 weeks for the passport to arrive with my original birth certificate and 30 days for the new driver's license.

Bob came over at 5:00 to watch the news and left at 6:30. I will take my bath soon and lay down with Missy and watch Nature and Nova.  I will go to bed at 9:00.

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