Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday and Exercises and Cinnamon Rolls

I slept well again last night.

After I got up and made my bed, I dressed, fed myself and Missy and got myself ready for the day. Bob will drive to exercise class today. I drove Wednesday. Afterward we will go to Utopia for cinnamon rolls. (kind of defeats the purpose of the exercises, doesn't it?) :)

I thought about stripping my bed this morning but I guess I'll wait and do it tomorrow. It seems like with all the Missy bathmat problems I have been doing a lot of laundry lately.

I'm not sure what I will do this afternoon. It's too cold to get out. I bought groceries yesterday.

Missy is in on my bed asleep this morning. I have been leaving the door open to circulate the heat better. She loves to lie on my bed. I have been watching the morning news on channel 6.

More later...

At 8:45, Bob picked me up and we attended exercise class. Afterward we went to  Utopia for cinnamon rolls and Utopiachinos. Karan and I visited about our bad experiences at the radio station where we both worked.

In the afternoon I worked on my sermon and the bulletin for January 28th. 

At 3:00, Joanne came by and picked me up. She had already picked up Bob. The three of us went to tour the new combination fire station and police station. It is very nice!

We will not have breakfast out in the morning. I will just have my usual breakfast here at home. 
Joanne and Bob and I are going to Joplin to have lunch at Olive Garden.  Bob has a gift certificate and is treating both Joanne and me.

I tried to watch Saturday Night Fever again this evening but it was just too sick. I like to watch the dancing but the profanity is a real turnoff.  It is so ignorant for folks to talk like that.

I did watch Brooks and Shields online. I also forwarded it on to to Bob. 

Missy and I will just get ready and just go to bed. It is nearly 9:00.  

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL yes the cinnamon rolls versus exercize class :) Good point. Cracked me up.