Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I am cleaning right now and have two rooms still to go. I slept well again last night and am ready to get this done. I cleaned last week but never got around to the dusting. So I will do that for sure today.

Later, at noon or just before, I will go to the ministerial alliance meeting.  I will need to change my slacks. Right now I have jeans on and I will put on some slacks.

I took my plastic sacks to Genesis, who provide food for the poor.

I washed the bath mats again this morning.  Missy just continues to miss the litter box when she urinates...about half the time.

More later...if I don't dust now, I will not get to it again.

I dusted the entire apartment this morning and then went on to the alliance meeting.  The speaker was ill so we had a report form CRMC, our hospital about a new program they are working on to provide transportation for patients to get to the hospital for their preventive program. I don't have a plan for the afternoon. Bob was going to go out to Haymaker's Furniture and see if he could find a small dinette set without rollers on the chair wheels. He fell yesterday because his present set had rollers on the chair legs.  I haven't heard from him if he found anything.

More even later...

We went out to Haymaker's Furniture this afternoon and found just what he needed. It even matched his kitchen counter tops. Unfortunately, it was $200.   So we went back into town to see what the one he saw earlier was like. It was the same table in a dark wood. He asked Mr. Haymaker to come look at his present table and give him an estimate of what he would be able to do on a trade. Bob took me on home so he would be home when Mr. Haymaker came.

Bob called me later to say he could get that new set for $100. Mr. Haymaker is going to give him $100. for his present set. The only catch was to get that price plus free delivery, Bob has to wait until Mr. Haymaker has another delivery in Coffeyville. Bob doesn't mind waiting. He is going to get the set out on Woodland though because it matches his counter tops.

I came home to stay in the house the rest of the afternoon. It is so cold. 

Later Bob came over to watch the news. After he left, I took my bath and lay down with Missy n the sofa and we watched a kind of cute movie on Amazon.

Missy and I went to bed as soon as that was over at 9:00. 


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