Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday and an Oil Change in Bartlesville

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom, took my med and a melatonin tablet so I could get back to sleep. At 4:00 AM I woke up again and just got up that time.

I dressed and fed Missy and myself and checked the e-mail. I also printed off a coupon for the oil change.  I  had a cup of coffee and Chai Latte and even a cup of hazelnut cappuccino with my oatmeal and cranberry juice .

I will clean the apartment and do the laundry tomorrow since I will be gone today again.

More later...

I left at  8:20 to pick up Karan. We got to the Honda agency by 9:30. They needed to change my filters again. It had been three years and the service manager showed them to me. They were truly filthy. Also, they needed to rotate my tires again. Next time they want to drain and change my transmission fluid. I am not sure that is necessary.  I may ask Gary or Brandon.

After we finished there we went on to the mall to hit the Christopher and Banks store while their big sale was going on. I bought a cute pair of $54.95 jeans for $19.99. It was a real bargain. Karan bought some sale things too.

Then we went to eat lunch at McCalister's. 

We got home about  2:30. I took Missy outside for while and then gave her some treats when she came back inside with no argument. She has me trained. In another 30 minutes my paper should be here.

More later...

Bob came over to see if I had all my DVDs back from Gary. I had told Gary to keep them as long as he needed to see all those DVDs. It may be awhile before he gives them back. Bob's girlfriend, Joanne,  got a new DVD player awhile back and her son-in-law got it wired correctly and now it works well. They may have to rent DVDs from V &S Variety until Gary finishes with mine.

At 7:00 I took my shower and put my PJs on so Missy and I could watch something on Amazon Prime. I just heard on TV that Amazon is going to raise that $99 a year twenty dollars more in June.  It will be $119 a year then.   I can't even recall what we watched last night.  I must gave fallen asleep toward the last.

Missy and I went to bed at 8:30.I was very tired.

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