Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday and No Plan at All

I slept fairly well last night and only woke up a couple of times. I got up near 5:00AM and got dressed and ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself. After it got light I took her outside but she wanted to wander so after a little while, I brought her back in. She was not happy about that but you'd think she would figure it out.

I have deadheaded  the flowers and watered. I also finished reading the Reader's Digest and took it to my brother-in-law. His girlfriend went to lunch with friends today and I was going out to Dearing, a small town nearby, for homemade chicken and noodles so I invited him to go with me. He ran it by his girlfriend and she was o.k.with it since we are family.

I don't have a plan for today.  But I will get back to this later... 

I did go with Bob out to Dearing for chicken and noodles. It was very good.

After I got my mail and read it then I made up a letter and took it to the post office to mail.  I read my newspaper and did the crossword puzzle and then took the paper over to Marilyn.

It's after 5:00PM  now and I just gave Missy her treats and ate my yogurt myself. After the news, I will take my bath around 7:00PM and the watch TV until 9:00. That's bedtime.

We are supposed to get some rain tonight. I hope we do.  It looks like it is going to go south of us though.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

For days on end our forecast has said 80% chance of storms and rain and we had high humidity and little rain...a few showers overnight.

Today the forecast said : scattered storms / 20 percent chance

I planned to mow grass this evening when it was cooler and I had no chance of sunburn.

Hour and a half long thunderstorm from 4-5:30 and torrential downpours and still raining at 6:30 as I visit you :)

Our weather forecasts haven't been correct for ages and that's strange :)

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I live near St. Louis and the weather forecasts are much more inaccurate than they used to be many years ago, plus their idea of a weather forecast here lately has been to often mention "possibility of scattered showers", in other words it may rain or it may not. Well I can guess that much by myself. Our local channels are also now covering a much wider area than they used to. I think they may be depending too much on computerized forecasting for their information, and not analyzing the information themselves. Or maybe with the much wider area of coverage they just figure that their forecast will be correct for somewhere.