Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday and Social Security

I slept well last night...for a change. And the arm may be a little better since I have been babying it.  I got up at 4:00AM, I must have got my sleep out. I dressed and fed Missy and myself . It is 5:40 now.

The television is tearing again this morning. I tried streaming the news on 6 but it didn't come up either. The TV comes back every once in a while as it finds the signal of the antenna in the attic. We are really too far away from Tulsa to use an antenna on a short pole in the attic. It needs to be outside on a pole.

I don't have a plan for today. I will not go to exercise class while I am babying my right arm and shoulder. I do want to get my pedicure. It has been two months and I really need it. I tried to take the polish off yesterday but my remover wasn't strong enough to work.

I really should strip my bed and wash my sheets. I may get that done today. I have enough in my laundry basket for one load.

I don't think we got any rain last night. I believe it went south of us.

Missy really wants to go outside but at almost 6:00AM, it is still dark out so she will just have to wait.

More later....

We did go outside and I deadheaded the flowers and Missy and I stayed out for awhile.

I came back in and stripped the bed and washed both the sheets and the towels. I have them in the dryer now.

I went uptown to get my pedicure. It had been early June since I had that done. They had really grown out. She does a wonderful time. If I could afford it, I would also have manicures.

Then I went to the Dollar General store and bought a sympathy card for Jeannie. Until I read the Journal, I didn't know that David had died.    I have not been going to exercise class and he and Jeannie go there and she recruits my help from the Bloodmobile. Bob had not told me about it. He died on Friday and the service was yesterday. I took the card downtown and mailed it off.

Later, I talked to my friend,  Nancy. She is a year older then I am. She is going to check into going into Assisted Living there in Caney. She is considering selling her lovely home and having an auction. I hate to see her doing that but she is all alone there. I will go have lunch with her next Monday if her son, David, isn't there by then.

Missy and I watched Amazon Prime after I had my bath at 7:00. It froze for awhile and I rebooted it. It had to reload the Tivo before I could finish my TV show. That's the first time it has done that. I imagine it is the streaming. I have the slowest speed they offer but in order to speed it up, I would have to have a new router and modem and I am not going to do that. It would also cost more and that would defeat the reason I went to streaming initially.

At 9:00 or 9:15, we went on to bed.

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