Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept very well again last night! Of course yesterday was a huge day for me. I finally got up at regular time. I fed Missy to get her off the bed so I could make it.  Next week, I will strip the bed and do some laundry. Today I will wash the bathmat she peed on Tuesday and all the other things I have in my basket, including my towels.

I will clean the apartment today.  I usually do that on Thursday.

My TV is having trouble getting a signal this morning. It tears now and then and I won't be able to watch the news unless I can get a better signal. I can always get it on the radio. I may have to do that.

More later...

This is my youngest son's 58th birthday. In three days I will be 83 years old. Scott called me this morning to thank me for the birthday gift.

Then I went by to pick up Bob A. His car had frost on it and I have a carport. We had breakfast at Eggberts. Then I took him home and went by the bank and got some cash and then went by the Dollar General Store and bought a few things I needed. 

Now I will begin my cleaning.

I finished my vacuuming and while doing that I noticed my Christmas cactus is beginning to bloom!

 Image may contain: plant

I am going to take a break. Missy wants to go out and she has been inside for days thanks to the cold weather and wind.  It's 55 degrees out there now and this may be the only time in a long time she will get to go out. So, we'll see!

So, more even later...

I took her out for a little while but she was ready to come back in pretty quickly. Even at 55 degrees, she thought that was a little cooler then she liked.

I ate some more of my apple brown betty this afternoon and have just one helping left.  When I finish that up tomorrow, I will wash the dish. I will need it for the Christ School class on Sunday. Then I will need to empty it for another apple brown betty on Sunday evening to serve to the Living the Questions group. That is...if I can get the DVD player hooked up all right. That is... if it comes tomorrow as it is supposed to.

Leslie is going to meet me at Independence at 8:15 to go through the various Christmas bazaars there. There are three. We attend them  every year. There are some very talented people who put those together. 

I went to my book club meeting 5:30PM  and got home about 6:45PM.  I took my bath then and prepared to lie down with Missy until bedtime.


Sister--Three said...

Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, I love...especially when it when it is full bloom Sister-Three.