Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday and the Funeral Services

I awoke at 3:00AM and wondered if I had accidentally bought shredded lettuce instead of shredded cabbage for my slaw. Finally, I just got up and looked. Sure enough! I had done that! I got dressed about 4:00AM and went back out to Walmart to get the correct thing. Luckily, I had bought a large (expensive) jar of coleslaw dressing so I had enough left to dress the slaw.  Getting old is definitely not for sissies. I am just glad I thought of that before I took it to the funeral dinner.

Anyhow, I was up so I went ahead and fed Missy..who will bug me to death if I don't feed her immediately after I get dressed and ready for the day. Then I ate my oatmeal.

It's almost 6:00AM now.  I just texted Bob to see if he was up and sure enough, he was.

My Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out last night....$293.10 each month. I entered that into my checkbook and brought it up to date. I only see the doctor twice a year so I never use all that premium. I am one of those that pays for those who are unhealthy.

I sent out the first of my Christmas cards yesterday and a package for Ginger's birthday. Every few days, I will send a Christmas card to those on my list until I get that finished. I always add a personal note too. I always buy special personalized ones for my kids and family. At the prices of stamps in this day and age, it is almost prohibitive.

Karan will be by at 10:00AM to pick me and the food up. I have Mike's pineapple upside down cake and Cyndi's dinner rolls as well as my own coleslaw.

More later...

We got everything loaded up  and Karan drove to Bob's apartment and Phyllis' house before going by to pick up Leeann and her food. Then she drove to Neodesha.

The dinner was excellent and I got to see many people I knew from Caney and even a few from Coffeyville. After we got everything ready and ate, we later went over to the Derrick, a lovely gift shop there in Neodesha, and Karan and Leslie and Leeann all bought some things. We had a little time before the service. The service was long..about an hour. I think they are usually about 30 to 45 minutes. But Sue had lots of support, thank goodness. I know the next three months to a year will be very hard on her and John's and her children and grandchildren. They all loved him so!

We came on home and Leeann never stopped talking the entire way. Both Phyllis and I were very tired and her incessant talking only made it worse. Karan missed her turn on 75 and had to go on to exit on 169 and then she drove back eight miles to get to 10th Street road (3900 road) She turned there and took Leeann home first. I was so glad to have a quiet car again. I feel sorry for Leeann but she really wears on me.

When I got home I got a phone call from John W, who is our class treasurer. He came by and I gave him the check I had from Phil C. for the newsletter expense.   We now have $320. in the class account. The newsletter will take two ink cartridges and a roll of stamps and a book of stamps.. I will work on that project between Christmas and New Years.

I took my bath about 7:30PM and now Missy and I are in the den. I am at the desk and she is behind me on the daybed.  I will try to stay up a little later. I missed so much sleep last night.

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