Friday, December 28, 2018

A Meeting with the Journal Editor

I slept well last night again and got up close to 5:00AM.

I thought more about taking Betty's cat last evening and decided against it. I don't miss having a cat, I miss Missy. No other cat, no matter how much she looks like Missy, she would not be Missy..with all her funny eccentricities..., this other cat would simply not be Missy. And once again I would have the responsibility of a sick cat throwing up on my carpet when she was ill and keeping that carpet clean. Also, she might sharpen her claws on my furniture. I have that new recliner that I replaced the one Missy ruined for me over the years. I had finally taught Missy to stay out of my velvet chairs by putting a pillow in each of the two chairs.  I would have to deal with things like that again. And then when I wanted to go see my sons, Bob A. would have to come feed her and empty her litter box. It just wouldn't be the same advantages as having Missy but it would be all the disadvantages of having another cat. I am just not up to it.

I am meeting the new editor of the Journal, Kim Avery, at Utopia this morning at 8:00AM for coffee. She wants to visit with me about the Minister's Messages. She wants to put one in the Wednesday Journal too. I want to discuss with her perhaps having a column called "Little Locals" again. When I read proof for the Journal back in 1953-1954 there was such a column. It was news that people called in about their activities...usually visitors for the holidays or friends that were visiting. ...anything short and local..very concise. We took that information over the telephone, made notes, and composed a short blurb story and put it all in a column just for that sort of thing. It had a lot of readability at that time. Now, of course, there is Facebook which probably does the same thing only with the side effect of having your personal information sold to scammers and for commercial deals.

Anyhow, I have at least an hour before the meeting. More later..
They had moved her Wednesday deadline up to today because of the holiday so she missed our meeting. I called her and she had me come up to her office where we visited about the de funked Alliance for about an hour. She is also interested in the 150th anniversary of the community which will be in 2019. Her ad manager is covering that news.

I wasted a lot of the morning doing this but I had nothing else going today anyhow. It is a cold day so except for that trip downtown, I have stayed home today. It's nearly 5:00PM now.

More even later...

I watched Amazon Prime all evening and finally took my bath and went to bed at 9:00PM


Sister--Three said...

I resisted saying that I did not feel caring for another pet was a good idea. But I think you have chosen correctly. No telling what problems a new pet would bring. I am so glad you decided against taking on this responsibility. You do so much and enjoy going out with your friends and family. If you were completely isolated it might be a prudent choice but you are busy and about and about daily. Glad you made this choice. I sure hope Leslie thinks so too!

Margie's Musings said...

I have made up my mind now. Thanks for agreeing with me.