Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday and Breakfast at Home.

I got up well before 5:00AM this morning. I made myself some bacon and eggs for a change. I used the plastic microwave covered bacon crisper and it works well. I scrambled the eggs in my small fry pan that nothing sticks to. It was all good. All I needed was toast but I was full without it.

I don't have a plan for today. But I am almost out of Chai so wherever I go, I had better buy that.

I heard from Gay. She had driven to the Oklahoma City area to spend Christmas with Steven and his family and had a good visit.  She got home in time to open gifts with Adele and Stan and also Janet. The family gave her a digital picture frame for Christmas and she has her family photos rotating on that. That is a neat gift. I have looked at them at Walmart some time ago but did not buy one.

It is 28 degrees this morning. So more later...

I went over to the hardware  store after it opened and bought a new filter for my furnace.  The other one I had put in in September was filthy. Not only was it filthy but it was covered in what appeared to be black soot but with electric heat  soot was not a possibility. We finally figured that Keith in the attic last November must have bumped the duct work and all that filth came from the duct work up there.  I put the new filter in and I hope that's the last of the black stuff from the duct work up there.

I mostly stayed in since it was in the 20's and very cold. I did go out twice and sweep up the leaves from the carport. But it was very cold.

I did go over to the antique mall on eighth street and look around but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Besides, I am very low on storage in this apartment anymore. 

I lay down on the sofa to watch some Amazon Prime in the afternoon but ended up falling asleep and took a nap instead. I had been awake quite a bit in the night so I probably needed that.

At 6:00PM, I took my bath and lay back down to watch the CBS news. At 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

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