Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I slept well again last night. I only woke up once and I then got up to take my med.  I went back to bed and right back to sleep until 5:00AM.

I fed Missy after I finally got up and dressed and made the bed and got ready for the day. She ate well and I had my ordinary oatmeal.

I later took my packages up to the post office and spent a small fortune mailing them off to the out-of-town kids. :)

Cyndi is going to vacuum for me on Wednesday morning. Mostly my right arm has been better but even with doing the vacuuming with my left arm, it still manages to hurt my right arm. That's a mystery.

I need to go out to Walmart and get some more Chai Latte sometime soon. I am running low on that. I think I only have three things on my list though so I can't justify a trip out there. It's six and a half miles out there and six and a half miles back home. I have a 40 pack coming from Amazon today but it won't have Chai Latte in it. If Bob is running low, I will let him buy what he needs out of that.

I have been trying to plow through that library book but it's tough going. Our Book Club meeting is after Christmas if I recall correctly. I will probably go back through the chapters and make some notes. I had to do that last month and it helped.

I did that again this afternoon and after the mail came I discovered I had a couple more cards from my classmates with the news of their families. So I worked some more on the newsletter. I have one more page I can fill but that is all. I have notified all of them that are online. It's quite a newsy letter this year. The older we get the more our classmates want to stay in touch.

I took my bath, as usual, at 7:00PM and Missy and I watched Amazon Prime until 9:00PM when we went on to bed. I was so tired. 

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