Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday and a Hair Appointment

I slept fairly well last night. My right arm ached and I woke up several times with that but got back to sleep o.k. and finally got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day at 4:50AM. I gave Missy her treats to get her off the bed so I could make it but she is patiently waiting for her breakfast of the soft stuff she has grown to love. She has been eating some of her ground up Iams and that is better for her. She has a time chewing. She must not have many teeth left. I don't look because she does not like to have anyone messing around with her mouth. :) She may still bite. :)

More later...I am hungry too. ...

Well, I had my breakfast and fed Missy. Then Bob came and I traded him out some bold coffee for some that was milder. He likes the milder coffees and I just make the bold ones 10 ounces and that seems to take care of the boldness.

Then I went out to Walmart and bought some essentials. I also bought some AA batteries for the church. The clock in the sanctuary needs one for sure.  Kelly will have to change it out though. He is tall enough to reach it with the step stool.

I need to go over to the Dollar General store and see if they have some small boxes for the little girls gifts.  Then I need to think about my lunch. I think I will have some tomato basel soup and crackers and cheddar cheese. That sounds good on such a cold day. It's only 10:30AM now though and I need to wait until closer to noon.

I bought some more light bulbs but although I can change the light bulbs out myself, I can't get the cover back on the fixture afterward. The last time Emmet, the maintenance man, was here, he did that for me too.

I finished up my Christmas shopping today and also got everything wrapped and under the tree. Unfortunately, Missy must have felt left out. She very methodically removed the ribbons and hid them under the TV table. I had to hunt them down and stick them on the gifts again. Darn cat! :)

Now, it's time to fix my soup! So more later...

I had my soup, cheese and crackers. It was very good. I will have it again tomorrow.  Then Thursday, I will make a casserole out of the chicken I have defrosted and share it with Merrill and Wayne.

Emmet came and changed out my dining room light bulb and put a fresh battery in my smoke detector. He is a very nice young man. He told me he was 33. I am trying avoid climbing on even the step stool. All I need is a fall.

More even later...

I read most of the afternoon until the news came on at 5:00PM and then I watched that as best I could. Sometimes the TV just tears. A lot of it has to do with the fact that there is a tree in the back yard just where my antenna has to point toward Tulsa. Much of the time it is a very good picture but if there is wind and the tree leaves are moving about, I get tearing on my picture.

I had my bath about 7:00PM and later Missy and I watched Amazon Prime until bedtime. We went to bed at 9:00PM.

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