Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday and Rent Day

I woke about 5:00AM after waking up at 2:00AM to take my med. I had a good night's sleep. I got up and dressed and fed Missy and myself and afterward worked on the bulletin for next Sunday's service at church. Leslie asked me to preside for Vivian D., who will be the speaker. I got that finished and went out to church to print off the bulletin. That's done now!

I watched the CBS news but it was tearing some so I went out and checked the antenna. It was a little too far to the west to get a good picture so I carefully turned it more to the south and got a good picture. I am so pleased that Leslie and I figured out how to get that antenna adjusted.  I had been so busy I had missed most of 60 Minutes last night so I went to Amazon Prime and ran it over again. It was mostly about the life of President George H.W. Bush. It was interesting but it appears they are going to run that in the ground, as usual, since they re-ran most of it on the CBS news this morning.

Then I emptied the dryer and put things away. I had started that load of laundry last night but fell asleep before I got it finished. So I put it in the dryer this morning.

I also went to the library to get the book we will read this month.It is called "The Red Garden". I have never heard of it but that's not surprising since I read very little fiction.

I stopped at Liebert Brothers and bought two more gifts. I got some things for John and also Esther.  I have Leslie's, Marlene's and the little girls' gifts and I gave the one for Sage, my eldest great granddaughter, to Leslie for her to put in with their gift to her. She lives in Oregon.  I still have to get Keith's and Scott's and Gingers and Jeromy's. I will send the adult grandchildren cards.

Then I went online to pay my electric bill. Actually, I scheduled it to be paid on the 14th. I wrote my rent check and took it out to the Equity Bank and paid it. The rent is due before the 5th of the month.

I went over to Braums and bought milk and yogurt. I have yogurt for supper. I also need oatmeal. I have very little left. I may go over to the Dollar General store and buy that.

I made myself a hamburger with some of that hamburger meat in the freezer. I had also thawed a bun and I had onion and pickles and mustard so that was a fine little lunch. I shared a little of the cooked meat with Missy. She considered it a treat. Then I treated myself to an ice cream bar.

I am going to soak some beans for ham and beans this week. I will fix some cornbread to eat with them. I will take some to Merrill and Wayne too.

I plan to go to Chanute to have lunch with Gay and her friends on Friday if it doesn't snow. We all try to get together at least once a month.

It's 4:30PM and I have been busy most of the day!

More later...

I read most of the afternoon. At 5:30PM I turned on the news and at 7:00PM I took my bath and turned on Amazon Prime and watched that until nearly 9:00PM. I put my beans on to soak overnight and  went on to bed. Missy soon followed.

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