Saturday, January 5, 2019

Saturday and Another Look

I slept well last night although I stayed up later then usual.  I thought about that apartment in Caney again this morning and made a list of all the "againsts".  I knew the "fors" but I did need to consider the extra expense of moving again including a deposit on the apartment and deposits on all the utilities and the cost of mowing. So I will go over that list with Leslie after she sees the apartment.

Bob came over with his computer this morning and I ran it through a "tune up" with my Cox service plan.  That took care of all it needed. I explained about the Caney apartment with him. I also went through the "againsts" with him. It would be quite a lot of additional expense when you consider everything. I will just want to go through everything with Leslie and get her advice.

I will leave in about an hour to drive back over to Caney and pick up Nancy and we will meet Leslie at the apartment so she can see it.

Then this afternoon, I plan to go by the retirement party for my doctor. It's from 3:00PM till 5:00PM. I am not sure what I will do for a doctor. Living in Caney where there is no hospital, I could go to Independence to Melissa but then I would have to travel by ambulance to  Labette County Hospital at Parsons if I should have to go to a hospital for anything. That's another 30 miles from Independence. If I stay here in Coffeyville, where we have a good hospital,  I am about five blocks from our hospital. At 83, I have to consider all these options.

Back later...

I looked at the apartment again at Caney, this time with Leslie and Nancy saw it again with me. . Suzanne really wants me to take it. And I really like it. And it has a garage for my car! We were such great friends when I worked with her at Dr. Marsh's office back in the 70's.  She is doing everything possible to make it easier for me to move in there. She suggested I pay the deposit one month at a time for 5 months at $100. a month so I would not need to get into my savings. 

After talking to Leslie while at Eggberts and Suzanne talking to the lady named Alice in the other side of the duplex about how large the utility bills run, I decided to take it. It is such a nice apartment.  I met Suzanne at the Kopco parking lot and gave her the rent check. She said she was not going to charge me for January because she knew I had already paid my rent where I am and she had me make out the check for February and then she gave me the keys. I didn't get the garage door opener yet because they had just changed the battery in the opener and Steve needed to check out if they were going to have to change the code it needs. I will get that after he has a chance to do that.

I came back home and went out to our Walmart to buy the banker boxes I will begin packing the small stuff in.  They no longer had them at our Walmart so I made a quick trip to Independence to buy ten of them. I got back home just in time to make Dr. Gillis' retirement reception. After staying about twenty minutes, I went home and assembled the boxes. Then I called Betty and offered to sell my frig, range and microwave oven to her for $600. She agreed to buy them. There are nice appliances at the Caney apartment. I will use them.

I never heard from Dustin, the mover. I had left him a message twice during the day to try to learn how much he would charge to move my 4 rooms of furniture to Caney.  I will worry about that later.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and watched some Amazon Prime TV until 9:00PM, when I went to bed. It had been a very big day!  

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